atrial fibulation

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queenio | 21:32 Sun 27th Feb 2011 | Health & Fitness
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I am waiting to go into hospital for a procedure called ablation, which, I hope will cure this rapid heartbeat of mine. In the meantime I have noticed the heartbeat gathers momentum during the night, but sleeping propped up eases it. By lunchtime it's normal, and I can even talk myself into thinking it's gone for good, but no, it returns at bedtime once more. Anyone else had experience of this, or had an oblation?


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I don't know anyone, queenio, but I do suffer with occasional irregular heartbeat myself and it can be very scary, I'm glad yours is being fixed. AF is not uncommon - and btw it's fibrillation - I do wish you well with the procedure. Let us know how you get on.
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Thank you, Boxtops, for your interest. I will certainly let you know how I get on - after the 16th March.
I suffer from it and it is worse at night which I think (in my case) is because I notice it more. I was told (again in my case) that people can live normal and it's no big deal so I try to ignore it.
I don't know what an ablation is so I must'nd have had one.
Some useful information here:

You might wish to consider joining the Arrhythmia Alliance, or calling their helpline (01789 450787):

queenio..........fibrillation and tachycardia..........two different conditions which may be as different as chalk is from cheese in your case.

Many types and before one can answer, then one must know which type and the cause of the arrhythmia..
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They have told me it's a case of too many and too strong electrical impulses. I have already had electrical treatment twice. This was supposed to jolt my heart back into normal rhythm but unfortunately it did'nt work - hence the ablation.
I had this procedure done a year ago queenio - radiofrequency cardiac ablation. It was a success. If you want any more info, please let me know and I can take you through it. I don't regret having it done.
salla...morning my love....I was waiting for your reply.
I have been away since Thursday sqad - but thought I would add my twopenneth on here, being as I have had personal experience of it. I was grateful for any advice or experience this time last year (hasn't that gone quick.....?!)

I shall check to see whether queenio comes back on here - maybe he/she is only a creature of the night rather than the daytime?
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Hello again, many thanks your info. Glad to read the ablation was successful. Can't wait to have it done, so I can feel 'normal' again.The frustrating part is not knowing what sets the heartbeat racing. I can be walking, shopping, cleaning and all is as it should be -then I'll be sitting quietly and, out of the blue, the heart will start going heywire. I've learnt not to get too anxious, and try and ignore it - only 2 weeks to go!.
My problem started when I was 12 queeni - I only got it sorted by ablation 36 years later! I went to Papworth, a wonderful chap who has done over 600 procedures and not one 'failure'.
My svt's could be set off just by bending down quickly (that ruled squash out...). By the time I had my op it had progressed to 'greyouts' where I often almost fainted a few times a day - and when you're driving, that is scary. Anxiety exacerbated it; as did alcohol which was unfortunate!

Anyway - good luck. I can honestly say it is uncomfortable rather than painful, and well worth it. Are you going to be conscious, but mildy sedated throughout it, as I, or completely put under? I found the whole thing fascinating. There were a couple of hiccups which is disconcerting when you're awake watching the whole thing.

And one piece of advice - after the op make sure you drink loads of fluids. I didn't, and when I sat up for the first time I passed out. xxx
Salla...good morning my love.

Excellent post, but we are both assuming that queenio has supra ventricular tachycardia and from her description on I cannot be sure.
True sqad. But whatever her actual arrhythmic condition, the cardiac ablation procedure sounds as though it will be the same? I'll stick to advising on the procedure itself....

Good morning xx
salla ;-)

You and barmaid are the only to who could bring "farting" into an Oscar acceptance speech....;-)
Wrong thread sqad?!!!

But yes, as ladies, we do have that particular (f)art off to perfection.....!
salla...;-) it was the right thread......but not necessarily in the right order.;-)
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Yes, I will be mildly sedated, but they tell me, if I start to feel uncomfortable (I believe you can start to feel a burning sensation in the chest area) to let them know, and they will give me 'somethng'. Will let you how I get on. Many thanks. 'Bye for now.

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