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mrsmurphey | 17:31 Sun 27th Feb 2011 | Health & Fitness
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A ter suffering a massive heart attack 15 months ago and being told his heart would be too weak for any operations, my husband has just beein advisede that because of the medication he has been taking, his heart has improved enough for a pacemaker to be fitted and is having this procedure next week. Can anyone, espexially sqid tell me what to expect afterwards.


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expect in the way of what?
Sqid? Is that a marine version of our resident medical expert, Sqad? ;-)

See here:

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so sorry sqad, did not mean to insult you. it was some time ago that you gave me advice
mrsmurphy....good news eh! You will get good advice from the staff, but here are a few ideas of what to expect.

He will experience mild pain at the insertion site, but that will be temporary and he will have a small dressing covering the incision through which the pacemaker was inserted. This dressing will be typically removed 24 hours following the surgery. There may be some swelling or bruising near the incision which is fairly normal....I hope!

Make sure that he does not lift the arm above his head on the side where the pacemaker was inserted, this is to avoid getting the wires attached to the heart walls dislodged.
Remember,he must always carry the pacemaker implantation card in case of emergency.

They will also tell you the symptoms to look out for, should the gadget misfire.

Any other questions do not hesitate to come back to us.
I have just opened Buenchico´s link.........that gives you more explanation.
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many thanks for answers. the site was a great help
hi my 84y old dad has just had it done 2 weeks ago....he had an overnight stay after the pacemaker was fitter and i brought him home the next day he is fine .... they use dissolveable stitches and after 48 hours the dressing can be removed ,, there was a lot of bruising for few days and he is aware of the pacemaker as he is very thin you can see it through his chest .... he is doing really well and the sorness has eased now
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hanks honey33 all answers very welcome. Good luck to your Dad

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