Why does my daughter constantly say she feels sick?!

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tigwig | 11:16 Mon 31st Jan 2011 | Health & Fitness
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She is 6 and for as long as I can remember she tells us she feels sick at least twice everyday. This can be at mealtimes or just before bed usually. I think sometimes she says it as she doesnt want to eat her meal and also think she confuses the feeling with being tired on a night. Its got to the point now where we just dont believe her as she says it so much. I am trying to up her fluid intake too as she is not a big drinker and maybe this has something to do with it? A child cant really feel sick all the time can they? Should I be worried?


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<<<<She is 6 and for as long as I can remember she tells us she feels sick at least twice everyday.<<<<<

That answers your question.
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is she sick? is she having problems with food going down... does she eat ok at school?
Sorry....that may not answer your question.

<<<<<<Should I be worried?<<<<

When I was little, I used to feel that I felt sick, I was a bit older than her - but it wasn't that I felt sick as in about to vomit, I just felt unwell and nervous, and didn't know how else to describe it. I wonder if some while back she got some reaction from you - some particular fussing - and realised that's a way of getting your attention. You don't want to make a big thing out of it though, otherwise when she genuinely feels sick, she might be afraid to tell you! How about you just note it but ignore it, and try some distraction? She'll eat when she's hungry too!
Our two took some convincing that the feelings of excitement or nervousness were not the same as "feeling sick". If she isn't actually throwing up twice a day I'd be inclined to think along those lines.
Hope it works out for you.
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Sqad stop being sarcastic! I think she does use the sickness word to describe other feelings yes but dont know how to stop her from doing it. She doesnt have any problems with eating anyway. As long as its something she likes lol.
tigggy.......just point out where I have been sarcastic.
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Your first answer of course!
try to teach her better ways of describing how she feels try getting her to understand 'sick' is when you feel like things in your tummy are trying to come out agai n
BTW sort of thing if she's not a big drinker sugar free jelly is a good way of sneaking extra fluid.....(and a bit of fruit too if you put some chopped up into it)
tiggy...that was NOT meant to be sarcastic just to indicate that a long standing symptom was of little consequence.
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I see. I think I read it wrong actually. Probably as I have had severly disturbed sleep for 13th months since my baby was born! I get your point that nothing has happened since shes been saying it but it would be nice if she stopped.
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my daughter is the same,,,at 9. and for about 2 years...
I have to say, school are finding it hard to take her seriously....from what ive found out so far, i think it may be a food allergy. she reacts with a 'sticky throat' to orange juice and milk. I shall at long last be taking advice on cutting stuff out......and these two are going, ...for now. bedtime started as feeling sick time, and has developed into an anxiety unable to sleep issue.... so i think, now has become a habit.... I would NOT listen to people who say it is just 'nothing', and listen to your daughter,...but not play on it too much.

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Why does my daughter constantly say she feels sick?!

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