Camera with a Biopsy

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rov1200 | 11:38 Sat 11th Dec 2010 | Health & Fitness
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A relative had a test where a camera was inserted down his throat into his stomach and a biopsy was done at the same time. What are they looking for? Also are there non invasive methods to check for the same thing?


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That was a non invasive technique.

To diagnose disorders of the stomach.....e.g ulcers.
I had one done (as well as a camera up) to check for Crohns or anything else which was causing my symptoms. They found some polyps and took biopsies of them to test.

I'd class that as much less invasive than them having to cut in and take a biopsy that way.
It's quite routine rov, either to have a camera down the throat, or up the backway, depending on where the doctors think the problem might lie.

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Camera with a Biopsy

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