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tigwig | 16:24 Mon 06th Dec 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Just wanting your expertise (or anyone else's for that matter). My baby turns 1 on 20th Dec and is due his hib & men C boosters that same week. However we are away for the whole of the Christmas period and not back until 2nd Jan so the earliest he would be able to have them would be 3 weeks after that date. Would that put him at any risk or would it be better to have it done before? We are going on a long haul flight so I wouldn't want him to have any side effects that may make him any more cross than usual thats all!


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Personally.....I would have them done on your return, as it would be inconvenient if he reacted badly to the boosters and spoilt your holiday.

In my opinion the increase risk to your baby in delaying the boosters for a period of the weeks would be negligible.
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Thanks sqad the practice nurse has agreed with you, she phoned me back earlier and I've made the appointment for when we get back. The only other thing now is he will be due his MMR around the same time then won't he? Would they recommend doing this at the same time?
tigwig....I cant see that that would be a problem.

Where are you going for your holiday?..Menorca?......;-)
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I almost wish we were for the 2-3 hr flight but no we are going to the Caribbean. A rather fantastic treat from my wonderful parents! So its a horrific 9-10 hr flight instead with a wriggly, moaning baby, can't wait not. Don't get me wrong I will love it when we are there and want to go but don't want the flight and feel terrible for upsetting his bodyclock and routine, god knows what he will be like. You couldn't say no to a free holiday with all your family though could you?!

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FTAO Sqad, please!

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