Foreign body in eye?

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madmaggot | 13:19 Tue 23rd Nov 2010 | Health & Fitness
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A week ago I woke up with a very sore eye, the eye-ball went red during the day so I go some ointment from the chemist thinking that I was getting conjunctivitis. The 1st time I used it it seemed to soothe the soreness a bit but the 2nd time it became even more irritated, so I stoped using the ointment.
Since then I've often had the feeling that there is something inside my upper eyelid, can't see what it might be though, and my eye sometimes 'runs' and feels sore.
Is there any pont in going to the GP as they don't have the equipment at the surgery to freeze the eye and look under the lid properly? Should I go to the optician/opthalmist?
Or should I go to the hospital ED?
We don't have a specialist eye hospital where I live.


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You're probably right about the GP. If it were me, I'd get my optician to have a looksy.
Sounds like an corneal ulcer....go to the hospital A&E.
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Thank you both.
optician and there's still time today
I had this - it was an ulcer on my eye. Went to the hospital and I was seen by an eye doctor and he gave me some drops which eased the scratchy feeling really quickly.
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I went to the hospital and dr dyed it and had a look. Said he couldn't see anything but gave me some ointment, said if it did not clear up within a couple of days go to GP.
I used the ointment didn't make any difference until mid-day yesterday when the irritation suddenly stopped. I can only assume that it was an eyelash or similar that had got beneath the eyelid. I've got extremely pale lashes which are difficult to see so the dr may have missed it; he didn't seem to look up underneath the lid at all.
Anyway, it's mostly ok now except still a little sore so I'll continue with the ointment for a couple of days.
Many thanks everyone who posted replies.

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Foreign body in eye?

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