Long term bad back problems

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itsmefolks | 11:07 Thu 11th Nov 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hello everyone.
I have had a “bad back” for over 30 years now. During that time I have spent thousands of pounds trying various treatments. Physio/Accupuncture/Massage, every tablet known, you name it I think I have had it. The pain is said by the GP to be Sciatica however the pain never goes down my legs and makes me wonder about this. I have various degrees of “bad back” from being total flat out, and frightened of sneezing. To needing to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Sometimes one remedy works and sometimes it doesn’t! Currently I am off work again, 2 weeks this time (self employed) after coughing whilst bending. I cant say I can put my finger on where the pain is, however it does radiate from my lower spine. When it kicks in I feel like I have been plugged into the mains electric and this pain shoots round into my testicals. This shock is so bad that whatever I am doing I am totally disabled for a split second, and if I am holding a cup of tea or something this goes flying as I hit the floor. As quick as the shock comes it goes thank goodness. However I know from that moment I am going to struggle in doing everyday things like putting my socks on etc for weeks to come. I would be interested in hearing about anyone else who has had similar difficulties with there back and what they have find helps them. Best regards and thanks in advance.


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See if your GP will send you for an MRI scan. This should enable them to see whether you have a bulging disc or if the nerve path-ways are too narrow. I had severe pain which *did* go down my leg..........can't help with the 'testicle' part, I'm afraid :o)

I underwent a micro-discectomy operation last month based on the results of the scan(s). All seems to be going well. I've still a little post-op discomfort but hope I'm not being too previous by saying that it seems to have addressed the original problem.

Good luck :o)
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Thanks you very much for that. I was wondering if I should return to my GP. Its 20 years since I last went with it, and I guess things have moved on? The last time I went I was advised there was nothing elase they could do, and was told to "just look after it. I will see what they have to say. Thanks again.
The testicular pain is the key to the whole problem.
I agree with JTH in that you need an MRI scan of your lumbosacral region.
20 years..........!! Crikey !

From that alone (no mention of the unmentionables) I would have deduced that you are a bloke ! :o)
As the MRI scan can tell the medics more or less exactly what the trouble is, there is so much more that can now be done to relieve the problem/symptoms.

Pick up the 'phone..........NOW ! :o)
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Appointment made my friends!! Hooray some light at the end of the tunnel. By the way what is the connection with testicular pains squad? I guess it’s a nerve thing?? Thanks all, and God bless the Internet eh?
itsmefolks.........correct, it is called "referred pain" and it would indicate a nerve or root problem around L45S123.
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Wow. Referred pain! Thanks Sqad. My next obvious question is what on earth is L45S123?? Again I guess it is an area the nerve is caught in. Many thanks and sorry for asking too many questions. Just curious. Cheers. Im hoping a scan will find the trouble. I`m getting too old to manage this pain now. I caught a cold for the first time in 5 or so years and the sneezing put strain on my back I think? Having put up with it for so ong I can`t imagine it being fixed. Cheers again.
itsme...sorry...they are indeed spinal nerves.
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It looks very much like that nerve area. I have looked it up and I also get a strong ache in both my hip areas as described. Cant wait to see what the doc says. I`ll feed back. My appointment is later next week. No rush as iv`e managed all these years. Thanks for the help.
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Thanks everyone. Having listened to my story at the docs. He had no hesitation in making me an appointment for me to have an mri scan. He also agrees it is the nerve that is causing problems, also adding it may be arthritic and therefore inoperable! Bugger!! Anyway lets not give in yet, fingers crossed, I may get it sorted after putting up with pain for so long. Cheers again to all.
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Following my MRI scan I have seen the doc for the results! Sadly the results show I have athritus in 6 vertibrea. I have a lower back nerve problem also but they say its inoperable owing to athritus!! Anyway at least I know whats causing the pain now. Thanks everyone for all the input.
Itsmefolks, i find it interesting and more challenging to help you recover with your long term back pain problems through the modified and correct methods of exercises. I have 3 questions for you. 1.) what is your pain level? 2.) No previous back surgeries? 3.) Do you like to exercise? My first hand experience with the pain itself had given me the courage to seek people with chronic pain to help. If interested, please feel free to contact me. Thanks. Sidney
itsmefolks, I found interest and its more challenging meeting someone liked you who've been in pain for 30 years and likes to invite you to discuss your sciatica problem over "Skype" as there's no one out there who can get you back to normal to lead a happy life again. What I wanted to happen is to help you stop your sufferings, 24x7 completely as I knew exactly what you've been through all those years. I, myself was in that same situation during the mid 90's due to a herniated disc but my being persistent in finding the best and ultimate solution to my own problem proved to be in my favor. Since the majority on the board are having severe and chronic back problems, I welcome everyone seeking "answers" to their problems by clicking "sidney.aming.soberano" over Skype and Facebook. Thanks. Sidney
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