abdominal aches... advice needed please

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dalebillster | 20:21 Tue 09th Nov 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hi everyone, i have been 'suffering' from abdominal aches & a mild bloated feeling on & off for around 6 months. Im male, age 25 & of slim build & generally good health. The aches are around my lower abdominal area and to the right a bit on the front of my body, but occasionally go around my back a little. I also have occasional belly ache. This normally lasts for around 2 weeks at a time. I consulted my doctor about 3 months ago to which after a short examination ruled out appendisitis (forgive my spelling lol). The area is very rarely sore to touch, just a little uncomfortable on occasions when sitting down. Does anyone have any advice to give me, ideas to what it could be, or things to try to solve it? Thanks for reading & il reply to everyone as prompt as i can. Thanks Dale


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Well it is worth going back and asking again, are there any related changes to bowel movements?
Go back to your doctors and get a referral for a scan then if he cant diagnose anything get referred to a Urologist or Gastroenterologist. Could be many things - sounds like a kidney infection but then again its been going on a bit for that.
im sorry to hear you are unwell dale. but i am not a doctor and the only advice i can give is see gp again.... do you think anything triggers the onsrt of the pain. ie related to eating, exercise , posture ?
excuse me dale.........mamy i thought you seemed a bit "down" the other morning (early) are you ok ?
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it loks like i may have to go back to the doctors then unfortunately, i have a fear of doctors, hospitals & dentists so the visit makes it all the more difficult. Hi Mamyalynne, i have noticed that my wee really pongs sometimes like sugar puffs(!). And sometimes the aches subside a little after taking a poo. Sometimes i feel im really desperate for a poo & my bowels feel like they are working overtime but when i go to the toilet there is is'nt much to show for the rumbling, if you know what i mean. I am also going for a poo more often. im trying to describe the best i can so forgive me for my choice of words! Could it be a problem with my appendix or are these symptoms too long lasting or mild to be that?...
Dale - go to the doc, grit your teeth to overcome your fear for a few minutes, and tell him what you've told us. There may be a simple reason why your innards are so uncomfortable, but you need to find out. If you find it hard to talk to the doc, print off this thread and show it to him - he won't mind!
Dale (please note I am not qualified) a urine sample will sort our if any urinary problems, but you do describe a certain number of symptoms of Irritable Bowel syndrome, which can be stress related or linked into what you eat. Do not self treat until you have been back to doctor.

Anne, am fine thank you very much for asking.

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hi everyone, thanks for the advice & my girlfriend has just mentioned to go to an out of hours doctors, where no appointment needed so im going to go up there now & see what they say. The more i think about it the more worried im getting, so il get it out of the way now while i have the courage to go! Mamalynne, i have suffered in the past with stress & more so anxiety & panic attacks & i have also read that that can bring on irritable bowel syndrome. Im leaving now to go to the clinic/doctors & il let you all know of the outcome when i get back home. Thanks for the very prompt replies & il be posting again on this thread when i get back. :-s
Goo Dale a step in the right direction, though in my mind your own GP would be better, but it is a first step to putting your mind at rest. Will check back later.
Dale, don't worry about the sugar puff pee - I always get it after drinking coffee :) Hope everything went ok at the doc's
No reply since 20.00 hours, hope he made it ok.
Am sure all will be well and he is getting good care and or advice.
By now you will have seen another doctor, by my understanding of you posts.
In a slim fit male of 25 years of age irritable bowel syndrome is unlikely and certainly not the first thing that comes to mind.
I assume that you have no loss of appetite, no loss of weight, no burning or stinging when you pass water and the pain is not related to eating.
Appendicitis, although not typical of your symptoms should still be the first consideration and confirmed or otherwise by an abdominal scan. There are other diagnostic considerations,but much rarer so let is know what the second doctor comes
up with.
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hi all, sorry its taken so long to get back on here. I went upto the out of hours clinic only to be turned away as i had to make an appointment. However i did manage to seen there & the doctor gave me a poke & a prod here & there, asking about my symptoms & said he was in no doubt that it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He also said that with the physical examination he gave me it would have been clear, either through swelling, pain rather than aching & more pain when he was prodding me around the uncomfortable area. He also said it was unlikely for the symptoms to last so long for it to be appendisitis. Thanks for the messages, i am really grateful & it sort of got me into gear to go to the doctors to get it sorted. Thankyou, Dale.
Dale thank you for the update and your doctor will advise you how to be more comfortable with this.

Good Luck

well done, dale - have you made the appointment to see the GP yet? do it while you're still keen to get it sorted, don't put it off!
mmmmm.....??...thanks for the feedback.
Ive heard of the 'sugar puff' pee smell before -just cant remember the context.I'll try and find out if that helps with your GP visit.
Asparagus can cause that for one.

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abdominal aches... advice needed please

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