Breast Cancer (I know it's a sensitive subject but please read this)

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nfn | 23:34 Thu 28th Oct 2010 | Health & Fitness
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If you, or anyone you know, has been diagnosed with breast cancer please consider contacting They are a truly amazing group of women (all breast cancer/reconstruction survivors) who help women diagnosed and treated for this dreadful disease. My mother was diagnosed, through a routine mammogram on 16 September this year. Last Wednesday she underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction (expanders). I have never seen my mother so desperately low but meeting these wonderful women (one of whom showed mum her own reconstructive surgery to show how it will look) gave her the courage and confidence to stand proud today when her drains were removed and joke with the nurses. I am supremely proud of my mum and just want other women to know that there is fantastic help out there. Incidentally she didn't want to go to the meeting but I bullied her there and on the journey home (about 4 weeks ago) she thanked me for being so cruel because it made her feel so much better! Thank you for reading this x


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There are so many truly inspirational people who are willing to share their experiences to give hope to others.

I wish your mother well and a great recovery.

Mamya ♥
I had something similar happen to me. My Mum had a mastectomy about a month ago (stage 2 tumour/grade 2 aggression/4cm) and although the lymph-node biopsy showed negative for signs of spreading into the lymph system, she is now undergoing about six months of chemo.
She is also very low - and so am I as a result.
I will look into your link when I can muster up the strength of mind.
Thank you for posting x
Question Author
Thank you mamya x
Oh AP I do feel for you, cancer and it's resultant surgery and treatment is very depressing and consumes your every waking hour, do try to research help for her, it is out there and I wish you well.

Mamya ♥
..thank you - I will. x
nfn great news about your mum,,,,,,,,,,,,answerprancer, very best wishes to your mum and you, in a very difficult time.
Question Author
AP, my god it must be awful for you both (and the rest of your family) I don't know what area you live in but Keeping Abreast are growing weekly, our group only started a few months ago and 6 new ones in the last month so if you don't get any success with one in your area please do ask them to set one up - that's how ours started. I really wish you and your mum well xxx
Answerprancer there are posts for you in

Music. Take a look.

Thats a lovely piece you've written nfn. I'm going to cut/pst it for my neighbour who has been diagnosed with this awful thing just a few days ago.

She is refusing treatment tho. Because she's 87.
Makes me wonder would you refuse treatment at such an age?

Question Author
Jem, at 87 I might. Mum has had a lot of pain since her surgery (which was a huge operation for anyone of any age) BUT there is always life in the old dog! You just need to weigh up the odds of success (of surviving surgery) against quality of life. My very best wishes to you both x
Thanks to all for your kind thoughts.
nfn my Mum lives in SW London (and being treated by the Royal Marsden).
Question Author
AP contact their site and request a group (although I suspect you may already have one in your area)

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Breast Cancer (I know it's a sensitive subject but please read this)

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