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Sqad | 10:23 Mon 06th Sep 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Just to thank you for a wonderful weekend, I have never known such closeness and togetherness in all my life...........sorry about the bra fitted me a few weeks ago!!

Now....take a look at the thread in this section FAO sqad under the poster bobjugs.

Thank you again my love.


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Thanks for that mental image sqad, i'm now picturing a retired gent wearing a lacy bra :-/
Discretion is the better part of valour sqadlet - I have proved my valour to you (and my ardour), but your discretion leaves a lot to be desired my love - perlease - on a public forum!!!! Now I will be inundated with requests for my bra size (38C).... and accused of being a public trollop.

No matter - the weekend was worth any upcoming embarrassment. x
I used to love the summer holidays and having my son at home. Wish I could go back to those lovely days!! They soon grow up and leave home - make the most of it.
Wake up Lottie and post on the right thread!!

Morning you two x
Question Author problem......any other mental images, just let me know.
Lottie !!!!
You completely threw me there for a mo!

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fao salla

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