Worried about a friend

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Eve | 19:27 Sat 14th Aug 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I'm really worried about a friend of mine.

She walked home after a night out last weekend and got chased by a man up through town before she found someone who walked her to her door. She got in safe but saw he was still hanging round outside an hour later.

I met her the day after and she was crying her eyes out and it has really gotten to her. After an initial chat I persuaded her to come to the police station to report them then a police lady walked past and I called her over and she was fantastic and took down all the details and was just great about the whole thing.

I took her to buy an attack alarm and convinced her to call her mum and have a proper mum daughter chat which she did and she said helped a lot.

She is still really affected by it and i'm so worried about her. She was very late for work the next day as she was so stressed about walking to work on her own then had the following day off as she was feeling so ill with the stress of it. I suggested she go to the doctors which she did and they gave her some sleeping tablets which have been helping her sleep. She has to go back and they will send her for counselling if she is still struggling.

It seemed to be getting a bit better but days later I texted her about meeting and had just met another friend when she called me in a complete state as she was sat in a coffee shop on her own and panicking. Found her and she was in pieces until I could calm her down. I'm just so worried and looking for ideas as to what else to do to help her as it's heartbreaking seeing her like this.

She doesn't want people to know so can't get other friends involved as it'd be betraying her trust. The friend who was with me obviously now knows something is wrong but not what as she didn't want to tell them so difficult to get other friends to help.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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I suppose the important thing is to work out if the guy is still around or whether he is no longer lurking. It 'seems' like a pretty minor incident but I think that it would unsettle any woman.

Has she previously been prone to being emotional or panicky?

Try this website and see if there is any help.

Good luck
GGrrrrr!! These men, if only they realised what they do to a woman when they stalk, It takes such a long time to get one's confidence back (if ever)
How would they feel if it happened to their sister, daughter. ect?
Jenna I hope your friend soon feels better. She's lucky to have a friend like you.


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Worried about a friend

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