HPV vaccination safe or not?

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kat321 | 16:59 Mon 19th Jul 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Hi would you let your daughter have the vaccine? am worried about side effects and now i've read they don't even know how long protection lasts for but recommend about 6 years so is it safe when we don't know enough about it?
Has anyones daughter had the vaccine and been fine or suffered side effects?
Thanks in advance any info will help me decide.


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my daughter had hers, and was fine.

well, her arm was a bit sore from the needle, but fine besides :o)
kat...".probably" safe, but read all about HPV safety on the net before making a decision.
I've had it and nearly fainted after them, but I hate needles. I got called custard cream for months afterwards (the nurse gave a biscuit to raise my sugar levels)
Same as Sara, daughter was fine but for a sore arm.
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thanks am trying to find info on web, but the more I read the more i'm put off the vaccine - will keep reading and if anymore of you have any info I would appreciate it .
kat, if this is any help......if I had a daughter and cervical screening was active in my area I would not have her vaccinated.
and if you read the contraindications on a leaflet in any basic medicine, you'd probably never take an aspirin again!

why don't you go and talk it over with a trusted GP?
There are about 3,000 Cervical cancer cases each year in the UK

That's not a lot but it kills nearly a third of them

I have a daughter and I let her have the jab - what would I say to her if against all advice I refused to let her have it when there's no evidence of any problem and she then later got cerviacal cancer?

What would you say?
jake......" there's no evidence of any problem "........?????

My answer was based on an effective screening programme in the area.
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thanks for all your comments, after researching on net I have decided not to go ahead. Thanks sqad for making me feel a bit better about my decision. As I see it it has only been tested on women 20 plus so they nothing about the effects it could have on young girls going through puberty. The vaccine only gives 6 years cover so not lifelong like I was led to believe. Some girls in britain have had paralysis, blurred vision and a whole host of other symptoms that are still current problems a year later.
Yes Jake the peg I do not want to find my daughter got cervical cancer but neither do I want her getting any side effects from a drug that has been pushed through to license quickly to get it on the market.
At the moment the way I view it I have several years to make the decision with my daughter and if in a couple of years time I feel happier with the vaccine then I can get her it done privately. So I am not saying never just not at the moment - it's definitely not a decision I made easily.
kat, many more girls have been vaccinated than not, and thankfully very few have had adverse reactions. the data on the 2008-9 roll-out is here if it interests you., and of course is still going on.
I understand your concerns, but hopefully the numbers affected will remain very low and the ultimate benefits will far outweigh those risks.
On a related subject, the cervical screening programme is to be extended very shortly to women of 25 years and over, in an attempt to catch early cervical cancers and pre-warning signals in the younger women - I understand that the uptake in tests following Jade Goody's death from cervical cancer has now dropped back again. It has never bothered me to attend, but I know some women feel very embarrassed about going for the cervical screening procedure - I wish they wouldn't, the screen only takes a few minutes and it could save your life.
Kat if your daughter was about 17 or 18 it would be compulsory. I know sixth former girls who say they had to have it done, they did have the option.
If those sixth former girls got serious side affects, could they sue someone? but the other girls who had it done voluntarily it would be their responsibilty for having it done?
they didn't have the option like me, it should say.
Think she would rather have a few side effects than cervical cancer but that's just me.

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HPV vaccination safe or not?

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