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The only way to lose stomach fat is to lose weight. You can do 100's of sit ups a day but if your muscles are covered in a layer of fat you'll never see them.
Doing stretching exercises (over to the sides, straight up, twisting round as far as possible) all help so does trying to pull your stomach muscles in as far as possible, hold for 3 and repeat as many times as you want. This can be done standing in a queue!
jogging or power walking
to lose fat you have to get the heart going and SWEAT!!! LOTS of it too!
You also may lose fat from other areas - and not always where you want to lose it from.
If you join a gym get a personal assessment first
Lay on the floor and put your toes under a settee or similar and arms behind your head and pull yourself up as many times as poss as often as possible.
you won`t reduce stomach fat by exercise but someone at work told me about an exercise called The Plank. I haven`t tried it because I hate exercise but if you try it, apparently it works. Takes a bit of dedication though! You can Google it for details
Slowly turning your head from one side to the other when offered second helpings is a good one.
Lifting pints in the local?
Try walking past the fridge and food cupboards
^ LOL and true
indeedy ;o)
The only way to reduce body fat is by eating a very clean diet and exercising hard, combination of cardio and resistance training. By clean diet I mean not consuming any refined foods like white bread, pasta, white rice, cakes, confectionary etc. Eating basic foods like lean proteins and fresh vegetables. Taking in only essential fats like those derived from oily fish and nuts, not through saturated fats found in things like fatty meat, butter, cheese and cream. Without the discipline and control, it's not really possible.
go fishing....that's the way to a flat stomach

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Hi does any1 know a good excercise to reduce stomach fat ??

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