Puzzling painful knees!?

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Insulindude | 15:38 Thu 20th May 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I have very bad knee pain on standing and walking . Pain goes up the thigh from the knee. Xrays show nothing apart from a little calcification and the Physio tells me I have no muscle tone. He has started me on exercises to strengthen my muscles and these will be extended soon.I find it hard to believe that my knees show no sign of wear and tear as I am 78yrs old. Can you give me any idea what is wrong ?


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Yes, wear and tear. No muscle tone is a viable reason, so should get better after the physio. All the best :)
Why no "muscle tone?"
"Little calcification?" where is this "Little calcification?"
Could they be connected?
Of course they could.
See your GP for these answers.
Knee pain is usually caused by many factors, most common being an inflammation of the joints that can be due to arthritis unless it is due to an injury. For the relief from pain, maintaining of ideal body weight is a must and light exercises, swimming and brisk walking will help a lot. Place a hot pack on the knee every time it aches. Refrain from squatting and bending the knees frequently. Media URL:
Description: Home Remedies for Severe Knee Pain

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Puzzling painful knees!?

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