Tetanus - Out Damn Prick....

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Bbbananas | 10:34 Mon 12th Apr 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Have just had to have a tetanus shot cos of a gardening injury yesterday. My last one was in 1994 when I went to jamaica.
Now, despite my working in the medical profession, I was under the impression that having had so many Tetanus jabs in a lifetime, after so many, you should be covered for life. Or is it 10 years? Or am I getting that jab mixed up with another one?


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you need them every ten years.
My dad works in hospitals and one time he nearly cut half his thumb off, (at home) so went to a minor injuries clinic he sometimes works at and they were horrified that he hadn't had a tetnas jab since i think it swas the late 70's. The nurse, took great pleasure in watching him squirm.
5 doses.

Unless youre going to a high risk area and havnt had one in previous 10 years
I always thought it was 10 years....

The last one I had was when I stabbed myself in the finger, as you do..!! I still have no feeling in the tip. It was funny though....the look on the kids faces when the blood hit the ceiling..
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Thanks Molly. Vaccinations aren't my forte !!
I come from a medical background and am good at science myself.

both nan, two aunties, sister, and dads cousin all work(ed) in hopsitals of some kind, and my dad goes round fixing stuff like the heating and smashes into drugs cabinets when they lose the key etc. . . .
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what helen?
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she's weeing herself laughing molly... it happens a lot after a certain age.
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the above might also be helpful
rowan, it says i have to login to view that page.
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I could view it - thanks guys for your help.
My mind is at rest. My upper arm is now throbbing - but, better safe than sorry.
"if all childhood vaccinations are up-to-date, a tetanus booster is only needed for people who are at risk of getting tetanus following injury. "
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Nice ;-)
*( image of smiley rolling on floor laughing.....:-)) )*
Last time I went to the docs, he told me that if you've had the full set of Tetanus jabs, they should cover you for the rest of your life. I always thought it was ten years, until he told me otherwise.
Our cat bit me, nasty, turned septic too antibiotics and a tetanus I had to have.

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Tetanus - Out Damn Prick....

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