Wart on eyelid

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lankeela | 10:11 Mon 08th Mar 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I had a wart come up on my eyelid last October, and although I was told by everyone it would soon go away it didn't. I asked at the doctors surgery if the nurse could cut it off, but they said I had to make an appointment (3 weeks hence!) and then would have to wait months to go to have it taken off. I went to the chemist and read up all the wart treatment stuff on the packets, which all said do not use on the face, and that they would take ten days to two weeks to work. I read somewhere that they only thrive if the air can get to them so if you take away their supply they will die off. Some people recommend duct tape, but thats not really suitable on your eyelid! Another suggested coating it with clear nail varnish.
I went in the chemist on Friday morning and the cost of the wart treatments was around £10 - £12 a go, so I bought a £1.75 bottle of clear nail varnish, thinking what the hell. I carefully put it on when I got home and by the evening it had gone black. I put another layer on Saturday night, and when I looked at it last night it seemed to be all black and shrivelled, so I touched it and it fell off completely! It did not hurt and has left no mark whatsoever. It has been really bugging me because I could see it all the time and it looked really gross. I wouldn't even go out to celebrate my friends birthday because I felt like an old witch! Result!


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am so pleased the nail polish worked so easily lankeela ;)
wow - what a great tip - - will certainly remember it just in case! - glad it worked for you btw.
waiting to hear from this one

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Must have been where I saw it, thanks for the tip. I am usually very sceptical about things like this, but cannot believe how quickly it worked.
I'm glad you shared this, Lankeela. I know someone who has a couple of these on their neck. I'll pass on this remedy to them. They'll be so please. Thank you.
Wow. I just read this to my OH, as he has a couple of warts under his arm. Worth a shot.

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Wart on eyelid

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