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Bob906 | 13:55 Wed 24th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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After suffering really bad lower back pain for a few years and more recently in my legs i was sent for an MRI scan I have been told by my doc that i have prolapsed discs at different levels and to put it bluntly my back is shot. I would like anyone out there to tell me if they have had the same problems and what they decided to do, and after what they had done, how did it affect them.
I am 65 years old and i feel that i have still got plenty of go in myself so i want to make the right decision.
Thanks in advance.


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No I haven't had the same problem.
Sqad please stop being awkward. What the hell has got into you!! Just don't answer if the question doesn't apply to you.

Miserable old git!!
//I would like anyone out there to tell me if they have had the same problems and what they decided to do, and after what they had done, how did it affect them. //

That implies that anybody who hasn't had the same problem can reply.

So I did.
Bob, I feel for you. My back is in a state as well, for several reasons. At the moment physio is helping a lot. It is surprising how a few exercises and adjustment of posture is helping. I have got used to having a bad back/hips/legs and just accept it now that it's up to me to do my best to work with the body I have. I don't think there is a medical answer.
Don't try to be so clever Sqad. I take back the 'Miserable Old Git'. It's more like a child trying to be clever!
lofty....if you say so............!!!
Yes, I do say so.

Go away and be Sqadlike elsewhere rather than on a thread by someone who want's a genuine reply.
OH had ankylosis spondilitis (spine stiffness) from 20y - was free of back pain for last 5y - 62y (spine seized).
Bob906....see how these medics squabble - like kids ;)

For back pain (from OHs experience) keep moving - dont let bones set. I suffer same but keep active. Some with my OHs (my 'quasimodo ;) complaint are in wheelchairs; 'course the whisky helped ;)
Tamborine, I would so agree about keeping active. You just have to otherwise you seize up completely. If I have a day (like today) where I am not out and about, my back, etc. is so much worse. I have had back problems since childhood. I am now almost 63.
Question Author
I do keep active, i mean how many 65 year olds do you all know who has a paper round. These last few weeks i have been in agony and at times unable to walk, so apart from light excercise what else can i do. Is there any surgery that can help.
Bob, I have been in a similar position to you since last October. Have always had back problems of various sorts but since October have been suffering from sciatica and other leg pains and have been almost unable to walk. Have had some more Xrays, but before going down the MRI route, and knowing my fear of hospitals, my GP arranged for physio sessions and they really are helping, slowly but surely. I would not want a back operation unless it was essential, they are considerably risky. I am now walking, but not without discomfort and some days are better than others.

I would seriously consider asking your GP if you could be referred for physio. You might be pleasantly surprised at what they can do. I wasn't at all confident that it would help me at all, but it has.

I am at a loss here. You have asked about anyone with experience of a clinically diagnosed PID and you have received replies from someone with ankylosing spondylitis and some one else with " a bad back for several reasons," I am not saying that their input is invalid, but remember one is not comparing like for like.

You have a PID.
Squad it was my advice only. You do not know what is wrong with my back and I am not going to disclose it to you. No way would I give advice on the treatment of prolapsed discs, but I do think physiotherapy can help with all manner of problems. I did advise Bob to speak to his GP about it.
I had a operation To remove a prolapsed disc on my lower back 4 . the op is quite straightforward and pretty routine now . My back pain was reduced considerably but the disk had damaged the sciatic nerve beyond repair . All though i am in constant pain when walking at least I know that It wont get any worse . I think the op is worth the risk to minimise any further damage . good look.

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