Understanding my cholesterol result... help!

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mummyhodge | 14:47 Sat 13th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I had a stroke 6 weeks ago, and my cholesterol was 5.5, I have since bought a CHEZ cholesterol monitering device to test myself at home. I did my first test today and it said 2.5mM (I'm guessing this is my mmol/L) i'm sure this basic device would measure my whole cholesterol, that's what the confusing leaflet said, but i'm still confused, I was told by the doctor they wanted it lowered to 4 or less, and I haven't been taking statins as they made me get head rushes and I freaked out and thought I was having another stroke.... isn't too low a level bad, and how with no statins (but a healthier eating system) can it have gone from 5.5 to 2.5 in 6 weeks??? Please give me some advice i'm so confused, the moniter said the test was ok (not too hot/cold e.t.c) ........???


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5.5 mmoles/l to 2.5mmoles/l in 6weeks.....congratulations.

Don't worry, just estimate your total cholesterol in 2weeks time by the CHEZ kit.

What other medication are you taking?

How old are you?

No need to worry.
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i'm 24 (25 next month)
Was reasonably healthy before food wise, but tightened up on it since,
taking 40mg asprin every morning, no statins as I tried them for 3 days they made me feel really ill
Aged 24 and had a stroke?

Something odd here.

Don't worry about cholesterol readings, just do as your Dr.says.
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all the tests at the hospital show everythings normal, cholesterol wasn't that high, heart's fine, blood vessels fine, no history of strokes in the family, (i'm the first), blood pressure normal, brain scan fine, they have no idea why it happened, the doctor's exact words were "it's was a massive blood clot on the right side of my brain 95% of ppl that has a stroke this severely would be permenantly disabled for the rest of their life" I have apparently had a miracle recovery, the only side effects of the stroke has been anxiety and slight memory problems, apart from that it's been a full recovery
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ooh yeah, i was taking the pill for my endometriosis, have now had to stop it, that's the only thing they can think of, or that I may have a pre-dispoistion to forming blood clots- which hasn't help my panic attacks!!! but they said tbh they just don't know, I have my stroke follow-up on monday, shall tell you what they said if you like. x
stroke after care is much better than it used to be, and recovery is better for that reason. it's a shock to have a stroke so young but you've done all the right things so well done, and congrats on your excellent recovery x
Thanks...will be interested in what they say.

Ask if it was clot or bleed.

If they say clot, then ask if it was an embolism or thrombus.
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I already know that, here's what my discharge said:
CT angiogram-occlusion of M1 segment of MCA
MRI head-high signal on DWI in the posterior part of the lentiform nucleus in keeping with an acute infarct.
MRA of the carotid bifurcations and cervical internal carotid arteries is unremarkable
Transthoracic Echocardiogram -NAD
Thrombolysed, very good clinical response, full clinical recovery.
Main diagnosis- Right MCA infarct.
Hope you know what all this means Squad, as I don't!!
Thanks....clearly a thrombus and clearly a clot.

Lucky girl.

Don't worry about a minor detail of your cholesterol being low.

Good luck.
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can I ask, what is a Thrombus?
Thrombus......It is a blood clot formed at the site of the blockage.

An embolus is a clot that originated somewhere else e.g the heart and travelled to the place of blockage i.e the brain.
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I am just lucky I live in Cambridge and my hospital is Addenbrookes, the best place to go for something like this! Apparently my neuropshychologist is the top in the uk/europe! And as it's a teaching hospital they know a lot of stuff. :) Thanks squad. x
No problem
sorry to have butted in!
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squad just to let you know the stroke doctor (just got home) said it turns out I DO have a disposition to forming blood clots, which combined with the Pill is the most likely course of the stoke.
mummy...thanks.....what is it?....this disposition?
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my blood is 20% more likely to clot than a normal person, basically my body forms clots by itself.....
mummy, there are many many causes for this and you will almost certainly need further blood evaluations.

Keep me informed as I am very interested.
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shall do, they want me in for a 24hr resting ecg, then he's going to see me again after my memory tests (pretty much no STM at the moment)

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