cancer and disability registration

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bond | 18:32 Sat 06th Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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hi, please could anyone confirm or point me toward somewhere i could find out, that if someone has ANY form of cancer, does this mean you are automatically registered disabled, or would it depend on the type/severity of the cancer etc. I'm not asking about benefits/money just about specifically being registered disabled. many thanks.


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try macmillan they helped me a lot when i was diagnosed, but it doesn't mean you're disabled if you can do things you normally do.
no, for sure.

why would a cancerous mole (as an example) mean you should be registered disabled?
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ok, sorry i should have been more specific. My father has lung cancer and has been registered as disabled. but i know someone who has prostate cancer - and wondered if they would be registered too - i guess there are some guidelines asto how it works depending on the type/severity of the cancer - is it down to ones gp to make the decision about disability registration? sorry for my ignorance. thanks.
hmmm, there is no such thing any more as registered disabled, so i would be very interested in who your fATHER has been registered with!
ok, i take it back, sorry!
Registering as a disabled person
If your disability is 'substantial and permanent', you can register as a disabled person with your local council.

It is not necessary to register to get local council services, but it may help in getting concessions such as reduced fares for public transport. It should also help your local council plan their services.

Your local social services department should be able to help you complete the registration form if necessary.
^^^^ from the directgov website
do you mean the Blue Badge scheme?
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sara3, would you be so kind to explain the blue badge scheme? many thanks. bednobs, you say "If your disability is 'substantial and permanent', you can register as a disabled person with your local council." - so does the council decide this based upon the type of cancer you have and how mobile/active you are via ones gp? sorry i just want to know how the whole process works, but appreciate everyday people may not know the right answer. thanks.
I don't actually know what you're trying to find out, or achieve, but this is info re the Blue Badge Scheme. there is more info re disabilities on the same site.
bond - if your Dad receives the higher rate of Disability Living Allowance then he would qualify for a Blue Disability Badge.
I have Prostate Cancer and was aloud to have a Blue Badge because I have bad back pain and very short of breath after a few yards walk, so I get around with a small mobility scooter in my car when I go anywhere in town. My GP aloud it without a problem.

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cancer and disability registration

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