Cod liver oil vs fish oil - omega 3

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lunaraine | 17:12 Wed 03rd Feb 2010 | Health & Fitness
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HI, could anyone tell me why there is such a price difference between simple cod liver oil and omega fish oils (as capsules). The cod oil my partner is now looking at in Morrisons does not give any levels of Omega 3 and is one quarter of the price. I thought, however, that cod oil DID contain it. Any clues , hints or advice would be greatly received.



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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. ANYTHING however cheap that contains 1,000 mgms of Omega3 Fish oil.
I buy my 1,000 mgs, Omega 3 Fish Oil one a day from Wilkinsons.

I don't like paying over the odds & find their prices very reasonable.
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EPA and DHA are the components that actually do you good. its likely that fish oil and cod liver oil tablets contain different amounts. it doesn't matter how many mg the actual tablets are, but you need about 450mg of EPA and DHA combined per day. If, like me, you don't eat any fish you'll need this all to come out of the tablets. Most of the ones sold at Tesco, Boots etc are cheap and don't come near to this amount. I get mine from Holland and Barratt, they are about twice the price but contain the right amount of EPA and DHA.
Boots Omega 3 Fish Oils contain400mgms EPA/DHA per capsule....adequate dosage.

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Cod liver oil vs fish oil - omega 3

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