Fasting cholesterol v non-fasting

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Bbbananas | 07:05 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | Health & Fitness
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Was supposed to have a fasting cholesterol test this morning - got into work & didn't remember this fact until I'd already downed a mugfull of mocha & a bowl of porridge - whoops. I was only supposed to restrict myself to water since 9 p.m. last night.
However, I've just been on a medical website which states that recent studies have shown that fasting makes no difference to the result - apparently it's the LDL measurement which fasting is supposed to show a more accurate reading of.
The study, for anyone interested, was published Nov last year, by Cambridge professors in a long-term study in 21 countries. Now this is news to me - & I work in the medical profession. Must be news to our clinicians also - because we are still telling our patients to fast before the test.
Are we behind the times or are people having difficulty adjusting to this reversal of ideas?


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. blood cholesterol is of only limited significance.

HDL (good cholesterol) if good news.

LDL (bad cholesterol).......important part is not affected by diet.

Can't answer your question salla as I have not seen that particular article.
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BBC news website sqad, posted 11 Nov 09.
My last reading for total chol was 6 (!!) with LDL of 3.3, so not exactly brilliant - but I do like my saturated fats....!!
I'd give you a link but I'm no good at technological things, I'm just a girl....
It gave me food (Ha!) for thought - but I postponed my test anyway.
salla...I would take those readings as acceptable.
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Well, my docs seem to have done also - they've never suggested statins, and I'm on enough tablets as it is, so I'm quite happy with that. (Hopefully, this will reduce very soon..... ;-)

I have made a sort of attempt in that I always try and have my oats every morning...
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have just re-checked - it's serum cholesterol that was 6, LDL was 3.8 - but hey, I'm just a spring chicken yet...?!!
salla...LOL...not a morning man myself....dry mouth, no perfume,! no! I will only accept morning "oats" after showering, teeth cleaning and a general "freshen up".

My preference?............after dinner in the evening....something different about "oats" at that time of the day......................don't you think?
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Not sure - it's the full stomach bit - I need to have time for the food to settle. I would say after dinner has settled but before too much wine has time to take full effect, as in sleepiness. Say around 9 - 10 p.m.?
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And, it has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep afterwards, I find..... ;-)
(Also, bizarrely, very good for backache).
Ah! you massage the "porridge" into your back do you?

Quite interesting, never tried it myself.
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Most massage is beneficial, if performed correctly. I prefer it with oil though (massage, not 'porridge').

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Fasting cholesterol v non-fasting

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