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SpiritLady | 21:57 Sun 03rd Jan 2010 | Health & Fitness
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is there anyone on here that knows anything about pacreatitus? i had 1 very mild attack almost 14 years ago. i was in hospital and was treated but have not had an attack since. i was told by my consultant i was never to drink alocohol ever again but was also told there was a test i could have years down the line to see if my pancreaus had repaired itself. i have not had a drink for 14 years but am reading that as long as you dont go silly, its ok. is this true? also, does anyone know of any test i can have to check for repair?


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Don't worry....let sleeping dogs lie..........if it aint broke, then don't mend it.

A mild attack 14yrs ago....mild......then the pancreas will have healed itself completely.

There are test available, but these are only used during the acute attack or where the attacks are recurrent and on-going.

If you are having no digestive problems and you feel well, then do not worry about your pancreas, it will have recovered completely after a mild attack 14yrs ago.

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