I've hit a wall that I just can't get around!!

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Zubar | 10:37 Fri 01st Jan 2010 | Health & Fitness
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I have had a really bad 2009, like many other people in the country!!
I have had a health problem crop-up, financial problems etc, etc, etc..
I am usually very stoic, but feel that I have 'hit a wall' in the past year & I am finding it really difficult to keep soldiering on!!
If I had money it would just be a case of selling up and relocating, looking for that fresh start that many of us hanker after!
But I do not have the wherewithal to relocate, so I am stuck in the same job, area etc, etc, etc...
I am not looking forward to 2010, as I can only see things getting worse & worse in this country!!
I know the majority of people in this country are in the same position as myselff, but this is very little consolation at the moment.
I am 52 years of age and just feel that the walls are closing in on me at the moment & that I am slowly suffocating!
Has anybody got any ideas? Do I just need to pull myself together and keep soldiering on? Is religion helpful? I have been thinking of converting to Catholicism recently-I am a Christian, but have not been to church for many years! I just keep asking myself at the moment what is it all about?


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I don't think switching to another religious denomination is your answer. Have you got friends or relatives in another part of the country or abroad with whom you can go and stay for a week or two? Sometimes it's good to just get away and clear your thoughts.

!///// I just keep asking myself at the moment what is it all about?///// A question that everyone has asked sometime in their lives and religion is not gonig to answer that one for you, because there is no answer.

You have 2 choices:

Soldier on, like 50% of the population are doing OR make a complete and utter change in your social situation.

They are your only alternatives.
Zubar.....just had another thought........your username doesn't refer to the Wolverhampton Wanderers footballer, does it? If so, then I would be depressed.
Sqad is a Doctor would you believe ! lol
Bemoaning your fate is not going to help. I suggest that you start looking for opportunities to do something either for less fortunate people thatn yourself, in your community, in your church. Get involved and starting looking outwards rather than inwards. It won't be easy, but as Sqad says, make a change in your social situation.
NoM...Eh! come on.....what have I said wrong now?
Nothing, Sqad. I'm just laughing at your Wolverhampton comment. ;-)
I disagree with Sqad that soldiering on or changing everything are the only alternatives. Step changes can make a difference.

Changing your beliefs won't make you a happier person but going to church, any church, might bring you a wider circle of friends; so, yes, it's worth a try. Joining clubs or voluntary organisations may have the same effect.

It's also possible that your health and financial problems will improve, though obviously I don't know this.
Zubar....I feel for you....myself and my partner have been in the same situation in 2009...and to be fair 2010 hasn't started great...but I try to be optimistic and hope that things can only get better.....
Church....mmmm i'm a Catholic...albeit a little lapsed....yes it does believe in something.....I suppose one of the answers is to help people who are even less fortunate, than you think you are....
If you do find the answer though.....let me know please!
look around you and look at the positives. I don't always like my job but it's paid for everything I have.. my kids, my clothes, my house,its contents, my car, our holidays, etc etc.

sadly, most of us have some health issues to complain about but some people are really suffering.

look around you and be grateful for what you have, there are plenty who would envy you.. and if it's really not enough for you, you need to decide what you're going to do about it. we don't all have the luxury of choice.

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I've hit a wall that I just can't get around!!

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