Very painful elbow.

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MWB | 21:51 Sun 11th Oct 2009 | Health & Fitness
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For the last month or so, I've had a VERY painful right elbow.

It's the arm I use my mouse with, so it could be RSI.

It's most painful when I wake up, then slowly eases a bit over the morning.

It sometimes gets so painful and hot - like you could fry an egg on it!

So far plain ole paradol has helped but I don't want to keep taking them.

Tennis elbow maybe?


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Hi MWB - long time no read?

can you change your posture; raise or lower your chair or arm rests.
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Tambo! :-)

Tried all that - no joy.

Cause I'm no slouch! LOL.
temp pain killer could be ice-pack
RSI from a computer would normally be nearer the wrist area.

I suggest a visit to the doctor is called for.

Also try ibuprofen instead of paracetomol.
All those non-steroidal antiinflammatories are more effective than paracetamol, but those of us who have been given massive internal haemorrhages by them can hardly believe theyre not banned!

Sqad, arent you going to comment on this? It does seem like RSI, tho not the most obvious site for PC collateral. I am so resigned to pain that I stick at the PC until I make things horrendously worse. All my other joints and especially my back have progressed beyond arthritis to what the surgeon says is the worst cast of hyperostosis he's ever seen, and I know it is the mouse in my case. It gives me radiculitis in my spine more than anything, and I think with all the ingenuity in the world no one can have experimented along tamborine's lines more than me.

Can you or anyone else give me foolproof guidance in my quest for the sittable-in chair? I have spent a fortune on a long succession of specialist 'adaptable' chairs. For a start they all exemplify the fetish for encouraging lordosis in people whom that MAY protect from ever getting into this state, but I have followed all that carry-on to the letter all my life. Now a ramrod is the only thing my spine wants to be, tyvm!
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I do take anti-inflam's on occasion, they help a bit as well.

Heat pack or ice packs don't help at all.

Mallam, if we didn't hurt so much, WE could invent a sittable-in chair! Lol.

Panic, will go to the Dr today.
mostg comfortable chair for me is the cheap plastic garden chair....not allowed to bring it in ;(. Get rid of the mouse and use a touch pad. Maybe an xray for fractures would help....could be brittle bones.

There was a film on tv about an OAP woman who had both shoulders in you know where I'm going?

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Very painful elbow.

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