high red blood cell count

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kingboard | 08:53 Fri 21st Aug 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Dear all i posted here a few months ago talking about my back ache after a off-road motor bike accident . This was now over 3 months ago . you can llok at my post for this . long and short is i had ulta sounds to check the kidney was not bleeding any more as i had past some blood . this has now stopped but i still have a large amount of pain in my left flank and always have had after . I had some bloods and urine test takenagain the other week to just check that all was still ok , but these results have come back marked as hight red blood cell count in the water test . All the doctor has said is that it could be more damage to the kindley or they have found something ellse out that may be more sinister that they had not been looking for . He has booked me in again to be re-tested in 6 weeks to c if the count is going up or down . My veiw i hope is that the kidney is still not well from the crash , but your veiws would be welcome .


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In a nutshell, you still have blood in your urine (haematuria)

One now cannot assume (although it is highly likely) that your haematuria is due to your accident.

You must now be looked upon as someone who has presented for the first time with haematuria and investigated as such i.e it may well be nothing to do with your accident.
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tks for your help . the one thing i dont understand the same sample that was tested at the doctors with the sample stick said no blood in the urine what so ever , but when tested at the lab same speciman came back with high red blood cell count is that just that there test are more in depth ?
king....difficult to explain.

Take the hospital's result.

If results are confusing then the law is to repeat them.
Not all 'dip-stick' urine tests will pick up blood in urine. The lab will always be more specific in detecting microscopic blood cells. The lab result will probably have given a number of red cells seen in the sample tested. Given your history this is probably why your sample was sent to the lab rather than relying on the dip-stick alone.

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high red blood cell count

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