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homedeeth | 11:14 Mon 03rd Aug 2009 | Health & Fitness
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has anyone tried hypnotherapy to stop an addiction?


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Both my sons stopped smoking after one hypnotherapy session (�100)
I looked into it for other reasons but it was very expensive if you need several sessions.
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Things to be aware of before choosing hypnotherapy.
1. It can only work if the subject is 100% committed to making it work.
2.Its not a good idea to undergo hypnotherapy whilst still using or abusing the drug to which one is addicted.
3.Choose your hypnotherapist wisely - There are many of them , there are very few rules surrounding their qualifications, ability or conduct.
4. They can be an expensive route to breaking an addiction, with session costs of �25-�50 or more.

Anecdotally, i have an ex -wife who claimed hypnotherapy removed her arachnophobia - but the phobia did come back over time. I also have an acquaintance who is a hypnotherapist, who has had a lot of success with smoking cessation - but she has had quite a few failures too.
If you are in the UK, I would recommend visiting your GP for a chat first, about the NHS options open to you - much cheaper, and with more support available to you.
It worked for my daughter but not my son. It also worked for my sister-in-law but she thought it more likely that she wouldn't want to think she'd wasted her money!
it sounds so easy it should be on the nhs - �100 versus �1000s in cancer treatment ... a snip ... I wonder why they don't already do it?

breaking an addiction requires commitment - that comes from within - everyone can pause - but without commitment - the cycle returns - more important is why the addiction is there -- you have to remove the cause - friends - or whatever
It all depends how badly you want to stop what your addicted too.
The sub conscious mind is very powerful.
Some great books on the subject

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