back ache from bike crash

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kingboard | 10:54 Mon 03rd Aug 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Hello , can anyone help with some advice ? I had an off road motor bike accident at speed on june 1 . I was taken to hospital for the normal X-rays and they all came back clear .... All of the inpact was taken on my left hip and the back by my left kidney... i took the weight of the bike into a solid bank at 50mph ....A week later i was getting some blood in my water , so i had to go and have a ultra sound ....again by the time this was done the blood had cleared up and the scan came back as clear .... i was told that the inpact had caused lots of musle damage all in one arear and should clear up in 4 weeks . This did not happen .We are now 8 weeks down the line and i have back-ache from when i get up to when i go to bed , all the pain is in the same place as the inpact and all lower back pain (feels like a lump) the area to the inpact is still swolen and my hip still has days when it hurts as well . 8 weeks of being on painkillers day in and day out seems silly . I do have full bupa medical cover do you think i should go for a scan on my back to see if there is any damage or should i just wait this out for a few more months . all your help will be welcome tks


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have you not been referred for any physio?
I wouldn't wait any longer, take advantage of your bupa care and get it checked out, there is obviously something not right.
"I do have full BUPA"

I think you've answered your own question really, or do you like paying money for nothing?

I don't, and I had to have 3 months off last year just waiting for a scan to confirm or deny a diagnosis.
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I got hit by a car (not at speed) and it took about two years to fully recover. I didn't have any broken bones. After about 3 months the pain in general had gone but if I picked anything up, like a shopping bag, I'd get shooting pains in my hip and knee. That lasted about two years :-(
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Tks for you answers . No they have not asked me to have any Physio yet . They just seem happy to keep giving me Codeine week after week . I dont have sharp pains not like the first week after i had done it and all the bruiseing had gone after 3 weeks . I have been left with a dull ache that gets stronger all day the longer i sit down . I only have not used the Bupa because im like most MEN Dont wont to find im waisting there time to be told its just part of the normal healing .... but i have not been to the gym for 8 weeks i cant ride a bike for more than 30 mins and i can only sleep on my back , So i will take the advice and give bupa a ring and get a scan is it a CAT -SCAN ?
You can't just ring BUPA and ask for a scan.

They will ask.....what sort of a scan? CT MRI or what?
...what do you want scanning?

You are no longer passing blood in your water, hence unlikely to be kidney damage.

Selling and pain is a residual haematoma(blood clot) settling and this may take months rather than weeks.

Hang on for a couple of months.
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Tks all for you advice . It was the my GP that sent me for my ultra sound scan . 3 weeks after the acident (i discharged my self from the hospital as it was in Wales and they wonted to keep me in for a few days and move me to a diffrent hospital ) And yes i know now that was not a smart idear .Well my bupa is paid for by my company so i think i will let it settle for a few more months and see if it starts to get better . One last Q for you could it be taking longer to heal as i was in the Ufton Nervet train crash a few years back and took a fair bit of damage to my ribs and splean .... and again its in the same place ?
kingboard.....this previous accident might well retard your recovery.

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back ache from bike crash

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