pain in shoulder

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pinktwink | 01:15 Mon 03rd Aug 2009 | Health & Fitness
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woke up two days ago with horrific pain along right shoulder, neck area. Have used deep heat , voltural, pain killersand heat pads with little relief. Seems to be getting worse and cant raise right arm without pain. Also difficulty moving.

Any ideas suggestions. thanks


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Sounds like you have a frozen shoulder pink. Hubby has had before and doctor said to try heat as in hot water bottle, then cold, as in some ice. 20 minutes each. Did help with the pain but he still ended up needing a cortisone injection which did clear it up after a couple of days.
is your shoulder blade out of sync? Can you circle your shoulders? If painful, do it slowly.
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oh thanks yes have had hot bath and then put on col rub still in agony may pop to dr tomorrow . Its bank holiday here so only emergrncy cover tomorrrow
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yes tamb painful and when i turn to the left shooting pain down neck/shoulder
Hope you soon feel better pink. If it doesn't go off, you'll probs need to call someone in if possible.
sounds like shoulder-blade out. Anyone there who can massage it back in place for now?
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yes OH tried taht but very painful
Get to the docs, if painkillers don`t work, could be nerve damage
If there was a dislocation, pink'd sure know about .
wear a scarf round neck - keep it warm.

Hope all well soon....g'nite
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yes think i will head to out of hours doc in the morn. Its sunday hours tomorrow so will ring to find out
Or A & E if it gets too bad, because you could've pulled a muscle or something - very painful.
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yes was thinkin g that Ice , pity thats all i will pull tonight hey. No hay making for me
Bless you...use your imagination!!!!!

Night night hun. Hope it soon gets better anyway. x

Night to tamb and anyone else left as well. x
Google these two common conditions and see if either apply to your symptoms:

Supraspinatus tendinitis

Rotator cuff tendinitis.

There could be a multitude of causes, but the above two are the commonest.
Hey pink I hope you have got some medical advice this morning, feel better soon

Mamya ♥

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pain in shoulder

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