FAO Squad advice please?

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Beauj | 18:37 Fri 17th Jul 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Hi squad, as you seem to know most things about health matters, could you advise me over re-curring abcess's? Past 3 years keep getting them in the same place, have had anti - biotics etc but didn't help!

Anything else I sould take?


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"Past 3 years keep getting them in the same place, "

Where is "that place?"
It might help if you told him where the abscess' are Beauj :)
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Under part of left breast, sqad. Extremly painful and very sick with them. Never seem to come drain properly and if I hit against that area, I could pass out with the pain.

Doctor sent me for the mammo, but all clear there, also, have been getting bloods checked out every month, not diabetic as such, but classed as 'border-line'.

Due to heart condition, I'm on various tablets for that and to keep cholesterol at bay - & I am careful what I eat, but I do have a good drink some nights - any help? Don't mean the drink, but sure have one yerself there anyhow!
Despite.......normal mammogram, go back to your GP and ask to see a surgeon re. examination and biopsy.
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Will do sqad, many thanks. I had cancer of the womb & ovaries, 15 years ago and had to have the heap removed. I'd been on HRT which was fine, but 3 years ago the heart Dr, took me off it and it seems to me that is when the abcess trouble started, so I've just accepted that it was something wrong in the blood system. & thought maybe you could have suggested taking some sort of tonic or whatever. But what you say makes 100% sense. Again, many thanks. p.s. hope it ain't put you off your other thread - bein a breast man and all that! Ha! ha!
Beauj.....cheeky woman.........LOL

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FAO Squad advice please?

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