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Puzzled001 | 10:07 Sun 22nd Mar 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Hi, Does anyone know of a drink, either powder or cordial that contains menthol/eucalyptus and possibly lemon , preferably sugar free as i'm diabetic ,that does not contain medications , in other words 'Lem-sip' without the paracetamol etc. I just want a soothing decongestant drink to sip when a 'cold'.( i'm already on the maximum paracet/codeine for other problems)


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puzzle.....please check, but I think that Lem-sip capsules ARE sugar free, but it's the sachets that contain sugar.
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Thanks, sqad617, they may be sugar free but they still contain medicaments and you can't make them into a drink!
So you just want a nasal decongestant...suger a liquid?

OK then you need liquid pseudoephedrine which is available in the UK, but I am not sure if there is a sugar free liquid.

Either Google.....pseudoephedrine or ask the chemist.
How about a cou0ple of drops of eucalyptus or menthol oil on a bowl of warm water and inhaling it?
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Sorry you all seem to miss my point, I want a hot drink containing menthol ,eucalyptus and hopefully lemon to sip as a comforter /throat soother (and obviously to act as a decongestant ). I have tried dissolving Hall's mentholyptus but you need a lot to get any strength and it's to high in sugar and quite sickly. Surely some one makes a cordial or 'tea' ?
what you want surely dosent exist as decongestants ARE medications. Plus "menthol" is also a drug.
you used to be able to buy a cordial called PLJ in my local co-op which comes closest out of all the things i know to what you want
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Hi, PLJ was as its initials intimate, 'pure lemon juice' which you could add hot water to to make a drink ,granted. Just as easy to put a slice or two of lemon in a cup and add hot water! Now all I need is to find a source of menthol and euculyptus that I can disolve in said drink to make what I'm after. Any ideas.? Do you know if menthol or eucalyptus oils are safe to injest?
eycalyptus oil is not safe to ingest.
One way round it would be take less paracetamol in your "regular" medications in order to have enough left to take in a lempsip drink. If your paracetamol and codiene are in one tablet, ask the gp to prescribe them seperately, so you can just take the paracetamol out, and then "enjoy" (yuck) lemsip
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Hi bedknobs, as you say 'yuck'. . Maybe someone knows of a 'herbal' tea that combines the ingredients I want ! Come on you budding 'witch-doctors' give me some ideas ! (apart from 'go-away 'or such like, haha!)
Hi Puzzled001.

Mint is a natural source of menthol, so a steaming cup of mint tea can actually help open clogged nasal passages and soothe sore throats, at least temporarily. Drinking it throughout the day may even help offset the need for dehydrating decongestants. If you're running a fever, menthol's cooling sensation may help you feel a little more comfortable. Mint is also a great stomach soother. If you get tired of tea, try adding chopped mint leaves to fruit salad.

This was taken from:- lth/tp/HerbsSpicesforWinterWoes.htm

Hope you are feeling better soon.
I know what you mean puzzled .I am lucky that having family in Germany they send me boxes of sachets of something called Hei�e Zitrone which is a lemon drink you make up from the powder. It also has magnesium in it . No medicational stuff at all and no sugar .I then put a large dollop of honey in and this is my favourite bedtime drink .
The only thing close to it here that I have seen is from Rowses the honey people .But it's quite expensive for a few sachets . -products/honey-and-lemon

Can you have honey ?

Or try this ...
Any herbal tea will do camomile or peppermint preferably (which contains menthol, a cough suppressant and decongestant). Boiling water on the teabag . Let it steep, covered, for three to five minutes. Uncover, remove the tea bag, and squeeze a lemon into it .
Sip ......lovely :)
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thanks poohshunny and shanystar2 , will try mint tea with lemon . will also try and trace supplier of the german drink.just got to workout how to add eucalyptus.
Many of the German Apotheke don't supply out of Germany unfortunately puzzled this is why I get it sent .
But this is the stuff __Test_3036796
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Thanks again shaneystar2 , have looked at this and tried google and e-bay to no avail. I'll see if my chemist has any ideas how to find it.
Hi Puzzle. A friend of mine is diabetic and, as she is on painkillers for an illness already, she can't drink Lemsips and the like when she has a cold. She always goes to her local Chinese Health Shop. She just tells them what she needs and they make it up there and then.I've never tried it myself, but she swears by it. Iy wouldn't do any harm to pop into one near you just to ask. Hope that helps.
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janiebaby, you have weird powers, I awoke in the night with this very answer in my mind, you must of sent it telepathicaly !! Thanks a lot ,I 'll do just as you suggest. Brilliant.

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Menthol/Eucalyptus/Lemon Drink-medfree

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