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chiara79 | 17:38 Sat 17th Jan 2009 | Health & Fitness
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Just want to know- is Tonsillitis contagious?


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No, unless it is due to Diphtheria.........last bit is tongue in cheek.
I thought it was, its often called the kissing disease
I thought that was glandular fever
is it? ok just ignore me then lol
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Thanks guys x
Glandular fever is the kissing disease- and this can be contagious.

Tonsillitis is a throat infection, and is totally different to G.F. But yes, it is also contagious.
As it is an inflammation of the glands of the tonsils,it it neither contagious nor infectious.
It is just dammed annoying for the sufferer!
When i had it in August last year my doctor told me it was highly contagious, especially from exchanging bodily fluids with someone - kissing.

And i`m sorry to say he was right because my bf got it not long after that!!
AND let me tell you it`s WAY more than annoying....i felt like i was dying for a week!!
Viral tonsilitus is not contagious as it is purely an inflammation of the tonsil glands due to a virus. If it turns bacterial (has visible white spots) it is contagious but only if you swap body fluids eg kissing, sharing cups etc.

Nurses etc are allowed to work with tonsillitis because it cant be passed on through the air.
To be honest, yes it can. but its not the 'Kissing Disease'. Here is the Kissing disease.

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//AND let me tell you it`s WAY more than annoying....i felt like i was dying for a week!!//

Hmm. Not necessarily, Ive got Tonsillitis and YES it does hurt. But you have got to live with it. You cant swallow food properly. And also you have to DRINK more. You should see your doctor if you have Tonsillitis, they give you medical 'stuff' to help it. i don't know what it actually is called. But i am sure it will go away.

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