On average how long does a cough last after having a cold?

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Hahh2912 | 17:30 Thu 20th Nov 2008 | Health & Fitness
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On average how long does a cough last after having a cold?

At what point would you see a doctor to check if you have a chest infection? I have had a cough for 3 weeks since my cold symptoms stopped.



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I went after about 3 weeks of still coughing, he checked my chest but said it wasnt an infection there but was at back of my nose and the bad bits were making me cough, so usually an infection if you are coughing up flemmy green loogies (sorry)
Oddly enough a persistent cough following a cold is one of the most difficult symptoms to treat, particularly if it is a non productive cough and they have been known to persist for several months.
To make certain that the cough isn't being caused by a hidden and sinister disorder, I would say get it checked by your Dr. after a period of 3 weeks.
If it's stopping you sleeping use some Vicks vaporub. I found some in my cupboard and had a lovely sleep last night without waking up coughing every half an hour. I always get one after a cold, but find blowing my nose a lot helps (less pleghm to run down the back of your throat). Sometimes I end up coughing so hard I make myself sick, which is charming!!

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On average how long does a cough last after having a cold?

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