12 yr old boy nipple lump?

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6758 | 14:44 Mon 22nd Sep 2008 | Health & Fitness
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My 12 year old son came to me last night because he was very embarrassed about his swollen nipple and thought it looked like it was turning into a boob... When i was feeling round it too see what was going on, I felt a hard sinewey lump which is right under the nipple and also above it... He is by no means a heavy boy, in fact he is nearly too thin! So i dont think it's ''man boobs'' . Any help would be gratefully accepted as he wants to wait a few days before seeing the doctor..

TIA xxx


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yes my son had the same he also is very slim .i took him to doc its just a bit of fat .that was about 4 years ago its fine now .
I think this called gynecomastia. The same thing happened to my younger son at puberty and it's just one of those things due to hormonal change. It generally disappears within the year. My son's did anyway, but if you're worried your GP will reassure you.
as boys hormones start to kick in, they often develop small lumps behind the nipple. its very common, goes away after a few months in most cases but should always be checked out by a doctor. try not to worry. x
My son also had one & the doc said it was just hormones & v. common. Probably worth getting it checked tho just to be sure.
I would not worry! It sounds like a cyst of somekind to me. Your GP would be the guy to talk with about it. Im sure he will put your sons mind at ease :-) - Discuss life, love, health and living. Get information and advice on topics that matter to you! Get support and enjoy lively conversations.
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thanks for all your answers... I was hoping it was something like that and am glad to hear it is quite common! I will definately take him to get it checked but he doesn't want to go for a few days just in case it goes away.... Probably just embarrassed :-) xx
Tia your lad is going through puberty, my sons both went through that, doesnt matter how thin they are, its the battle of the hormones a natural process!!!

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12 yr old boy nipple lump?

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