Tightness in achilles

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soulstar11 | 20:57 Tue 26th Aug 2008 | Health & Fitness
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After returning recently to using a treadmill, I've begun to feel a tightness on the back of my right ankle for a couple of days after running.

It's not agony - worse when descending stairs - but I'm worried about developing an injury that will prevent me running. (The best thing to keep my weight down).

I'm presuming it's my achilles tendon (?). Does anyone have any experience / ideas of this kind of problem.
I do the usual calf type stretches and think I warm up / down adequately.
Any answers much appreciated.


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I had my right tendon repaired 8 years ago after I got my collie dog and walked alot. I cannot run am overweight.and would probably knock myself out. The pain was excruciating at times. Now I have pain in the left and need another op, I actually saw the consultant last Friday. I have to go for an ultrasound to see the extent of the damage first. I received this app for Sept 15th and the next to see consultant on 19th. I have been told to rest it as it is inflammed and knotted. I did have some acupuncture by the physio for a month but it only helped ease the pain a bit.
I think from experience you should go and see your doc.
I can only echo Miss Skippy's advice - See your doctor or a physio as soon as possible.
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Right, that doesn't sound pleasant! I've heard enough - I'm going to ask a physio tomorrow.

Thank you both very much.

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Tightness in achilles

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