broken leg info needed

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encee | 17:31 Mon 04th Aug 2008 | Health & Fitness
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hubby broke his leg in feb this year and had a external fixator on for about 4months.fixator is off now and a cast in place but nothing is healing he has been booked for emergency op in september but its driving both him and myself nuts.does anyone have any clues on how long healing can take place after surgery which he has been told he will have to have bones joined and a bone graft.when asking doctors if any chance of op being broughtforward the answer cant hurry these things.i'm not being ungrateful but hubby is normally a very active person.any ideas on things he can do to keep mind occupied.he is sick of jigsaws and doesnt really have any interest in computers.maybe someone else out there is experiencing the the way a half ton girder fell on his keg and not anyones fault so can't even claim compo.


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Sounds bad :( I was in plaster ankle to hip for much less than that and it drove me mad.

How about something like a golf driving range if he can stand for short periods and whack balls into the air, may be a good stress reliever.

Can you get a temporary foldaway wheelchair or borrow one so you can get him out and about more?

Have wheeled a lot of wheelchairs in my time and can strongly recommend avoiding places with lots of cobbles or tramlines (crossing roads in Blackpool can be a nightmare!).

Could he borrow a games console and some games?
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thank you Jenna1978
i have edited this version and appreciate your suggestion
Does he like fishing?

He could try things like archery or shooting for a day out.

Boardgames or card games.

Is he crafty at all? Could he make some model kits or a matchstick creation or similar?

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we have a dartboard now which helps and card games he likes as for fishing he has to get there and most people we know work so no time and i dont drive.he is normally very active so its hard to find something to help.i cant believe how long this is all taking.
How about a basketball net in the garden so he can sit and throw balls at it?

Maybe something like starting a family tree or getting a family photo album sorted.

How about those Nintendo brain training things.

Has he got any interests he could read up about eg specialist magazines (or comics) or books he might like to read?

Have you or anyone got young children he could do something for like recording a book into tape for them to listen to?
Have you got Sky? The movies or sport and extra channels may keep him occupied.
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I guess we have just got to patient.6 months so things I say can hopefully only get better, Its certainly a very trying time.I am lucky i have the computer to help me if i get down.thank heavens for that.
thank you all for suggestions its good to know that people are happy to answer for free.not much in this day and age you can get free.Great value.Once again ANSWERBANK .is just BRILLIANT.
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RESCUE REMEDY advised.Good news, now looks like healing has started??.may not need op after all.That is a big MAY NOT.But i am being positive about it as advised and hopefully hubby can be more positive.He is very depressed and been advised to take rescue remedy.Does anyone else take this and what do they think.

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broken leg info needed

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