Growing pains??

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dmj | 21:14 Wed 02nd Jul 2008 | Health & Fitness
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My daughter is 11 years old and is complaining of pains in her hips, she said it really hurts when she moves? She was nearly crying with it, does anyone know what this could be, I thought it might be growing pains or maybe her period is going to start although she has no pain in her tummy?



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If she is in that much pain perhaps she needs to see the GP.

Do you mean the hips at the side - the bones, or the inner hip area - the pelvis?

Does it hurt when she lies on her side? Does she have full range of movement in her legs - can she lie on her back and raise straight up, then bend at the knee and down to one side?

Can she put weight on her legs?

Does regular pain relief medicine work? Does she have a temperature?
See GP straight away for X-Ray of hips as it could be Perthes Disease.
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Its the hips at the side, it hurts if she bends to either side, it hurts when she doesnt touch it but if you press it doesnt hurt? The backs of her legs really ache aswee, rang GP today and had to wait for a call back, GP said it sounds like growing pains and give paracetamol, nobody has even seen her
In my opinion that is an unacceptable standard of health care. I wonder how many misdiagnosis have gone under the heading of "growing pains?" I have looked at my initial reply to your question dmj and I must confess it looks rather alarmist whuch was not my intention. many hip problems have been diagnosed as "growing pains" and the first one that came to mind was Perthes Disease. Not life threatening but Google it to give you an idea as to what I am talking about.
I would definately insist on an appoinment with your GP. How can the GP tell what`s wrong with her without even looking at her let alone examine her. It`s always best to be safe than sorry.

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Growing pains??

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