Hearing loud music that isn't there

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Karenunn | 21:11 Thu 08th May 2008 | Health & Fitness
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My father in law is complaining to the neighbours about there loud music which he insists they play day and night. Everytime we visit there is no music although he insists he can hear it. He wears a hearing aid and we are wondering if it has anything to do with that. Someone else said it is tinnitus. Has anyone had experience of this, if so can they advise us what to do.


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there is a possibility it is his aid picking up something get that checked out first, but tinnitus is another strong possibility and can be very debilitating. My grandmother had us thinking she was losing her faculties till she was diagnosed and there is some help if not a cure.
Good luck Mamya
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Has he by any chance got a TV amplifier something like the "EchoLink" or "RadioLink" shown here?
I've got one which I switch to the loop setting for listening to the TV at whatever volume I want while my wife can have the TV volume at a level to suit her. Highly recommended!

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Hearing loud music that isn't there

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