Is my urine supposed to be tinged with red?

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Velvetee | 20:25 Wed 02nd Apr 2008 | Health & Fitness
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Today I made myself a fresh juice drink, consisting of Beetroot, Carrots and Apple. Now, all day, my urine has been reddish in colour. Is this normal, does beetroot stain urine?


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Hi Velvetee, yes I believe it does if taken in large quantities!
LOL - Yep, it can do... (not everyone is affected though) !

Various foodstuffs can affect the colour and smell of urine (honest !) - asparagus will make it smell strange for example.
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Do you think it's dangerous for my kidneys to deal with concentrated amounts of Beetroot? I used two raw Beetroot heads in my juice.
Sugar Puffs is good for changing small too.
careful! ease into it, or u`ll make yourself sick or get the trots

we have a juicer so try ginger too, it adds a tang

this is by fave:

carrotts, beetroot, apples, berries, ginger

also, add some gin too. great healthy cocktail
Well, I do not normally drink my urine so not really bothered about its' colour, but I normally drink sugar free cola, (not sure I can name the brand on here, but it has a Blackpool Rollercoaster named after it). This is black, but it does not really stain my urine, so would not worry too much about it. What you have got to worry about is if you have blood in your urine, in which case you should stop eating beetroot at once, and seek medical advice.
yep, it can stain your urine. this happened to my little sister when she was very young, maybe around 4 years old. our mum was very worried thinking it was blood but the doctor figured it out when taking her history.

i dont think that beetroot can damage kidneys, especially in the quantities that a person would normally consume, but, not being a doctor, or a nutritionalist, i couldnt say for sure.

i like healthy smoothies, not sure if i want to try beetroot in any of them though, but hey, you dont know if you dont try!
it doesn't take much beetroot to turn your p1ss red.
I shouldn't worry, its just your body getting rid of stuff it can't process. For example, if you have a Berocca (vitamen drink) your urine is very yellow afterwards. But that's mainly as your body can only process so much vitamen C at a time (which is why slow-releasing tablets are now advertised) and the excess is just excreted.
My daughter went to a party and drank Creme de whatever and peed a lovely shade of green.
It is not vit c that turns urine yellow, it is one of the b vits.....possibly niacin.
Perfectly normal Velvetee, and I agree with pasta.
It is usually fresh beetroot that causes the problem too, it's rarely that pickled beetroot in a jar will do this for some reason!
my ex husband used to eat beetroot by the jarful. Scared him a bit as well having pink wee.

Post dog- Coffee
Sugar puffs and Asparagas make your wee smell different.
is it in your underware? it could just be your having your period.
Considering that you are having a very heavy period today, then I would suggest it could be some blood from that mixing with your urine.
Hang on I thought it was Holly Coffin who had asked that question for a minute then.
this happened to my mum....she had eaten a load of beetroot...went to the loo for a wee and it came out bright red!
If this is the case (that this is a result of the kidneys/liver?) merely getting rid of those things it cannot handle (the red stain), what does this say about how the body handles alcohol?

Does urine hold toxic material from alcohol?

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Is my urine supposed to be tinged with red?

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