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xud | 14:20 Wed 02nd Apr 2008 | Health & Fitness
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I have recently stopped smoking a little over two weeks ago. I had the aid of nicotine patches but the main helper I thought was the fact I had a very bad cold.

The cold is in its way out now and I am still stopped. I have even ditched the patches now too.

There is no looking back for me now. I feel soooo much better (even with a cold) I have got my taste buds back, not to mention my sense of smell.

Anyway, my question is this: Has anyone else stopped as a result of having a cold? If so do you think it is more effective than patches (or any other NRT)
Thanks in advance


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Well done for giving up! you shoud be proud of yourself! you seem very positive therefore you are in a strong position to continue to not smoke.

as for your question, its not quite the same reason, but my friend has recently quit smoking after having her tonsils out! obviously suffering some discomfort, she didnt even try to smoke following the op or during post-op recovery. its been a while now and she has not smoked, i'm so proud of her!

for you, having a cold has helped you quit, but i know a few people who get colds and still smoke, i even know one person who thinks it helps numb her throat to ease pain. NRT is extremely useful when used correctly, but of course, willpower is required, which you obviously have. so stay postive, you can do this!! best of luck xx

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Stopping smoking

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