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Stevie 5955 | 20:20 Thu 13th Mar 2008 | Health & Fitness
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Can anyone tell me were I can find a site that tells me how to do the exercises on a powerplate, I found some that just show pictures of the exercises but don't say for how long, how often or even exactly which body area the exercise is meant to target. Many Thanx


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As a first time user, you should use 30Hz for 30 seconds on low and hold static positions (no movement) on the machine for the duration of time. Only one of each exercise needs to be done at this point. For best results, muscles should be pre tensed.

In your first week, you could do the following.

1) SQUAT:- Stand on plate without the mat and bend at knees, as if you are about to sit down, do not allow your knees to travel over your toes. This works legs and bum.

2) LUNGE:- Place one foot on plate knee bent, other leg is stretched out behind, bend that knee so it's dipping towards floor, raise the heel. Repeat on the other side. This works the legs.

3) PRESS UP:- Place mat provided on the plate, hands on the mat and go into a press up stance, your elbows should be bent and your chest lowered. This works chest & triceps.

4) TRICEP DIP:- Facing away from machine, place hands on edge of machine, bend at elbows lowering bottom slightly towards the floor. Legs can be outstretched or slightly bent at knees. This works the triceps.

5) THE PLANK:- Place forearms on the plate, body outstretched, so your weight is on forearms and toes, don't allow the back to arch, keep bottom up a little. Pull your stomach muscles in tight, but keep breathing. This works the stomach.

6) BICEPS CURL:- Powerplates come with nylon straps which attach to the front or sides of machine & adjust with velcro strips. Attach straps to the front, stand in front of machine, knees slightly bent. Elbows should be loose, but stable at sides, hold the strap's grips, so knuckles are facing floor and pull up hard on the straps. This works biceps.

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Thanx Velvetee, it must have taken a bit of time for you to type all that out, (unless you're a typist), it's much appreciated. Now i can get on and lose a few pounds.
Once again thank you for your time and effort.
That's ok, happy to be of help. I'm a Fitness Instructor and the gym I work at recently purchased some plates, we had our training 4 weeks ago, so it's all still fresh in my mind.

Make sure you don't place head, neck, chest, abdomen or spine directly onto the plate. Also, keep hydrated and wear trainers when standing on it.

For progression, say after 5 uses increase the time for each exercise. (Increase time before intensity). After a few weeks, try doing 2 sets of each exercise then you can try doing dynamic exercises. For example instead of holding a press up in the downward stance, press up and down for the duration of time. Or for a squat, squat up and down.

When you become an adept Powerplate user, you may like to introduce weights, (dumbbells or barbells) whilst using the machine.

You can also use Powerplate for stretching, relaxation and massage. With massge, you can select any setting, time and either high or low. I think Powerplate sell posters and an instructional DVD.
why not place abdomen directly onto plate?
Because you will be vibrating your organs in your stomach cavity. The machine is to work muscles and safe on muscle, not your organs.
I came across a site called and it gave some really good info on power plate stuff.
It looks like they are going to upload some video demos of exercises soon, so might be worth checking back there every now and again if its exercises you're after!
hi stevie
this doesnt answer ur question exactly but the video does cover a range of exercises that u can do on the plate covering warmup, stability, strength and power.
which exact exercises are right for each individual has to be assessed but the video does show u how to do them but doesnt hv specific teaching points, i do list the exercise variables to use so that should help.
if you think its any gd pls let me know and i will work on producing more pp workouts in the future and my youtube channel does hv othr vids that hv pp exs in them
stephen (balanced fitness)
power plate workout video
I'm new to this... So the answer is probably well out of date, as you've either lost all that weight or got bored of using the device... Looking for the same thing myself, (and not wanting to pay £20 for 2 posters on Amazon, I found this on the PowerPlate official site

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