What part of the body never grows and what part never stops growing.

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blueroman | 16:43 Wed 05th Mar 2008 | Health & Fitness
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I am having an argument with someone at work. He is trying to tell me that the eyes are the only part of the human body that never grows (yet i have seen answers on the net that say otherwise) and also that the ears and nose never stop growing.
Can someone plese give me a definitive answer one way or the other (some proof would be nice).
Thanks in advance for any serious help.


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Mrs 4GS is a nurse, and she assures me that ears never stop growing. Not sure about eyes though
I think its the ears as well blueroman.
I read in the newspaper in the last couple of weeks (cant remember which one) an article about unusual facts.
One of the was that our eyes never grow, the size they are at birth is the same size when we are an adult.
Maybe he reads the same paper.
Babies do have big eyes, so its probably true.
Didn't know that about ears!
hair doesn't stop growing - or doesn't that count as part of the body? Someone told me that wisdom teeth never stop growing...but they grow so slowly...that cna't be true can it?
i've heard that the ears and nose never stop growing as they're cartilidge (sp) and not bone
I dont know about the nose or ears, but your eyes do not grow and remain the same size throughout your life.

Obviously not everyones eyes are the same size, but they do not grow.

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What part of the body never grows and what part never stops growing.

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