Breast rash

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~write~path~ | 14:35 Tue 26th Feb 2008 | Health & Fitness
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My best friend has a pink rash on one breast that she says is itchy to the point of torture. (HAS had skin irritations before but milder ones - in Summer she gets heat rash around her breasts and on her legs and where watch strap is etc.)

I know you can get some itch-away type cream which would obviously help her but her mum just says to cover herself in Sudocreme as this is antibacterial.

She's changed her shower gel and shampoo recently (I bought her the shower gel so now feel dead guilty) so she thinks it's due to this and is not using either now.

Any ideas on what would help, please?


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Sudocrem probably won't stop the itching,she'd be better off buying one of the creams such as lanacane that stop the itching.Once she stops scratching the rash will have time to heal.As to what caused it,it could have been anything.Only a doctor or allergist could tell her that(not the allergy testing done in healthfood shops,that gives false negatives).
Has she seen a doctor? It's unlikely if she's younger, but she should exclude Paget's disease which presents as a rash on the breast. (Again unlikely if she has rashes in other areas). Always best to play safe.
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Thanks both of you.

I've just phoned her to tell her about lanacane and she's gone straight out to get some.

She can't get a doc's appt this week but I told her to rule out this Paget thing. She's 38 on Saturday - is that younger or older for Paget's disease? I'll look it up.

Many thanks, again.
I have enormous boobs (the rest of me is enormous too) and used to get sore areas under them (and at top of thighs) that were itchy and sore. It is caused by a fungal infection.

After years of using canestan cream I tried using sudacreme and it cleared it up within two weeks - 5 years later and I have had no further problems.

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Breast rash

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