Is it possible to lose a stone in a month

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Tallulah. | 23:52 Thu 29th Nov 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Im getting married on the 22nd of dec and brought my wedding dress back in august.
Big mistake since i lost my job and have been unactive since.
My weight has never been an issue as i was only smallish anyway. but i weighed myself two weeks ago and in 4 months with no exercise i put on a stone and a half.
In the last two weeks iv been doing 2hrs a day of intense aerobics, eating salad and fruit through out the day and having a healthy 600cal dinner at night but iv only lost 2Ibs. Not going to fit in my wedding dress in time at this rate, what else can i do? Please help!


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It's measurements that count, not weight. If you have been doing intense aerobics you will have been building muscle and losing fat. This should show a loss of inches as muscle weighs more than fat.

And your weight can vary alarmingly from one day to the next for a variety of reasons - monthly cycle and so on.

Keep up with what you are doing, but make sure you eat enough - you don't want to be ill for your wedding.

Yes..I lost a stone in a week following a diet given to me by a work colleague, it is quite a strict diet but it does work

It`s a 2 week diet plan but I lost a stone in a week, it`s quite a strict diet to follow but it does work
Yes, my friend lost a stone in a week by going on a banana and milk diet. You have 9 meals a day - either a banana or a glass of milk. It was very severe, and it worked, but she was sick of the sight of the stuff by the end of it!
only way you can lose a stone in a week is if you weigh 50 stone to start with lol
or cut a leg of ..good luck with wedding
If you loose so much weight in such a short space of time, you will put it all back on quickly. It cant be good for you. Get out for a long walk each day, and cut out snacks. It would be much healthier for you in the long run
My poor friend weighed 30st - seriously! She's now half that, after having a gastric band fitted.
I weighed 15st, I only did it cos cos I didn`t believe it worked,but I was wrong!.... and you don`t put it back on straight away
So that means that you do eventually, then...?
Whenever you see these stories of people who have lost weight very quickly, they do tend to put it back on very quickly. Elvis, maybe its women who do then.
No, meaning you can go back to eating a normal diet and your weight will stay the same unless you are a kebab eater etc
If there's a diet that works so well, why hasn't it been patented? Unless someone has a medical problem, the only thing that shifts weight properly is to eat healthily - and exercise regularly. Some of these faddy crash diets MIGHT work in the short-term, but I think they're dangerous.
I agree with you Ice.Maiden.
I`ve often thought of that, this one deffo works though, maybe it`s harder for women cos they love their food too much
dont believe in diets
just eat the same but in smaller portions
oh and dont eat chocolate and crisps everyday lol
ethel is right, its not the weight its how you look.
you could lose a stone but still not like what your seeing!
have to go training, do exercises, tone yourself up and you will see big difference.
good luck for the wedding tallulah
im sure you"l look beautiful on your big day. xx
thats why i would never marry .all this worry about my dress fiting me i would eat all day every day .
I agree. Although it's how you feel in yourself, not everybody's meant to be a standard size zero, and I'm sure that come your wedding day, you'll look lovely.
Anyway....I`ve never heard of a bride being dumped on the big day for her being overweight,that normally happens 6 months/a year later ;o)
please dont do the banana one, bananas have a lot of potassium (salt) in them so more than 2 a day can be actually very harmful!

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Is it possible to lose a stone in a month

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