muscular skeletor chest pain

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didghtara | 10:08 Tue 13th Nov 2007 | Health & Fitness
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has any one got this


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I have.I had chest surgery 3 years ago and this has left me with nerve and muscle damage in my chest wall.The correct term for what I have is Post Thoracotomy Chest Pain.
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i was at a&e yesterday they thought it might be angina but said it was the above
Have you had a chest infection or cough recently?Did they do chest x-rays?
Coughing can cause pain in the chest wall when you strain the muscles.I ask about the chest x-ray as a collapsed lung causes chest pain too and they can only really diagnose that with an x-ray.The reason for my surgery was that my lung collapsed twice on its own with no injury(spontaneous pneumothorax) and they had to stop it happening again.If it doesn't stop hurting within a couple of days see your GP.
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have been off work for three weeks with chest infection and they did chest exray yesterday and said that was what it was have to go back as outpatient for more tests but was just wondering what ot take for it
You need an anti inflammatory painkiller such as ibuprofen.
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thank you for that i will try anythink
been told ihave toosee a muscular skeletor doctor as igot bad backpain got kidney problems too and iron diffeciency and double incontinent so worried they wont be able to do anyfing for me painkillers dont work even the 400g doses it horiblepain

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muscular skeletor chest pain

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