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Scotland1993 | 18:21 Sun 16th Sep 2007 | Health & Fitness
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I've been suufering from depression for about 4 months now and have been to see a phsychiatrist a few times now. Only now he doesn't seem to be helping me at all and he says that i probably haven't got depression, just aftershocks ( fair enough . But now i'm suffering from terrible mood swings and sometimes get very angry and out of control and end up hitting things. After i get over those little phases i think they were stupid and un-needed and then i get frustrated again and it starts over again. I find it hard to control my frustration in myself and really want to get rid of it. Does anyone have any advice?

P.S. Sorry for the overly long explanation!


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scotland: you definately should go get a second opinion. no offense but the guy you're seeing sounds a little incompetant. go see someone else.
best wishes
did something trigger this off in the beginning?
I agree with the first answer ,sorry forgot the name, you should definately go see a more sympathetic doctor and explain exactly how you feel it may help to write everything down from now till then so that you can show hin or her exactly how this is affecting your life.
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Thanks very much for the replies - yeah i think the guy is quite an incompitent and even my parents think so but luckily he's retiring. Loads of people have asked what triggered the thing off but i cant seem to think of anything. oh well spose it'll cme out sometime. Thanks anyway for your help :)
Have you considered alternative therapy such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Google it and see what you think.

I used it to combat negative anxiety and although I did feel a little silly at first, it worked for me.
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Mood swings and depression can be associated with food.Please cut out wheat just for a few weeks see if it helps.
If you have got depression - do not bother with the NLP - it is a lot of Clappy-happy rubbish, and you are there to help somebodys wallet get bigger, and to believe enough to get you spending more.
Cue lots of indignant NLP practitioners - there is no proof that it works as you are told - and if you want to spend your money on it thats fair enough, but depression is a real illness and must be treated properly by professionals.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions - your really helpful. I'm willing to try anything that could perhaps work and i'm very grateful for your advice. There's obviously a lot of methods out there - Everyone's different so they probably work for different people but i'm sure i'll find some way to help myself.

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