When will I lose weight?

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tigwig | 16:24 Thu 06th Sep 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Recently I have given up alcohol completely after it was taking over my life and I was drinking 6 bottles a week!!
(I have had a very bad year) The main incentive is for me to lose weight as I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into. I need to lose a stone in 6 weeks now and after 2 weeks I have only lost 2 pounds! The first week after no alcohol I actually put on 3 pounds and was gutted. How could this have happened? I am not eating extra to compensate and now my daughter is at nursery I am walking her there and back twice a day which is 2 hours of brisk walking some up hill per day! Will I manage to lose a stone in time doing this?


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I dont think you're doing enough to lose a stone in 6 weeks sorry. You might have to cut down calories you eat too. The walking is good tho, you should see some difference soon.
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how can I not be doing enough?! is 2 hours of exercise a day and cutting out a bottle of wine per day not good enough? What do you suggest I do? Maybe I should cut off my leg!!
You will not lose a stone in 6 weeks just by walking and cutting out a bottle of wine a day. Some high impact exercise and a calorie controlled diet is called for.Even then you may not lose that much weight so quickly. Can't you get a larger size bridesmaid dress or get the one you have altered to fit?
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I am following a calorie controlled diet to a certain extent, I am not on any special diet but am not exactly eating fatty food and gorging on takeaways on chocolate like I was before. In regards to the high impact exercise isn't walking as fast as you can whilst pushing a heavy child in a pushchair up hill that really makes me sweat and out of breathe classed almost as good as been in the gym because I used to go to the gym and can honestlly say I am alot more tired after walking like this for 2 hours than I am after a session in the gym
Brisk walking is great but as you want to lose the weight so quickly i'm not sure it will be enough.I'm not even sure it would be advisable to lose it that quickly if you could (healthwise). Have you seen your doctor about this?or practice nurse,they might be able to give you a diet sheet to follow.
I hope you manage to fit into the dress in time and that you and the rest of the wedding party have a great day.
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do you really think it is dangerous to lose a stone in 6 weeks? lets say I lose 2 pound per week that would be 12 pounds which is near enough for me!
thanks for your comments daffy I sure hope we have a good day because it is the 2nd time the wedding has been arranged. it was originally scheduled for April and 2 weeks before it had to be cancelled due to my mum in law been too ill (she had cancer, we thought she would be ok for the day) Sadly she died in June so the wedding is going to be on what would have been her birthday so its bound to be emotional.
I applaud you for giving up alcohol with such conviction.

If only everyone had your willpower!

Well done. I've been there and it's not easy.

It's quite a surprise to wake up feeling well isn't it?
Hey there Tigwig.
Congrats on cutting out the alcohol - not easy !
If you really want to lose a stone in that timescale give the South Beach Diet a go (low carb). I lost a stone in 3 weeks - but you do have to follow it strictly for it to work. Good luck.
Get an abs roller (6 quid from argos) 1000 sit ups in 4 sets of 250 you should be able to do in half hour in front of the tv .

Start off with 4 sets of say 25 and just build up reducing yr recovery tome between sets
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When will I lose weight?

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