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mazzywoo | 09:49 Mon 09th Jul 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Hi All. At risk of boring you all, I have another question about stopping smoking. I stopped 4 weeks ago and am pleased that I did! BUT I feel ghastly-tired and lethargic. Apparently, it's normal to feel like this for a fortnight but my question is, can this draggy feeling last longer? I am getting fed up with it!! Quite rightly, all the quit smoking websites focus on the positives so I can't find any facts about the time it will take to actually feel good. At the moment, I really feel like starting again just to get rid of the fatigue! Thanks, Maz xx


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I remember this when I stopped smoking. :(

Nicotine is a stimulant and your body is missing it - drink plenty of water and get rest when you can.

I started feeling much better at about week 6 - and then the dreadful coughing started - which is good, as it is the lungs getting rid of years of gunk.

I had smoked 40 a day for over 40 years, and stopping in 1994 was the best thing I ever did.

Keep at it - you're doing really well, and will soon feel so much better. Promise.
Please please keep up with it. What you are feeling now is totally normal, not pleasant I know but preferable to what you health will be like in 35 years time. I'm not just talking about cancer either, it's about everything even getting a common cold or flu I imagine probably goes to your chest for a while? I work in hospital and even the routine type of ops tonsils, fractures etc recovery really is hindered. Think of your heart,skin keeping up with your children!! I'm not preaching I've been there(hubby was a smoker) and yes he felt grotty but trust me after a year of not smoking you will really notice it more when you are around's horrible.
Well done and keep going, you only get one body try to look after it. x

keep going i gave up in 1985, didnt have these nicotine patches then, felt totally mental somedays, in fact could have killed, orange juice in great quantitys took the edge off, and ingested great gulps of fresh air, its a struggle but dont give up,you must have realised thast it wasnt going to be easy!!!!
Hey, can i have a snog?

I would never have looked at you before because you stank like a stale ashtray, but now you are just fab!
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Hey-thank you all for your encouraging replies! I will, of course refrain from lighting up! In my stronger moments I realise that to start smoking again would be total madness. I must admit, at the beginning of my 'quit' I thought that it was easy peasy-hardly any cravings so I guess I should allow my poor old bod some reaction as it recovers from a 38 year addiction!! As I say, I really appreciate your feedback and advice on this-thanks again xxxxxx
Yeah, but what about the snog?
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Yeah ok then Panic Button-here goes MWA kissy kissy!! LOL xx
Give your system time to adjust mazz and be proud of yourself for kicking the habit in to touch. I gave up nearly 21 years ago. I wish my hubby could:-(
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