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aleidda | 14:22 Fri 04th May 2007 | Health & Fitness
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HI, I have a wedding in 7 days, and the dress is a bit tight, what is the best way to loose weight fast in 7 days?? What should I eat?


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Don't know about losing weight that quickly, but cutting carbs, salt and caffeine should help combat any bloating and water retention.
Hi there. One of my colleagues wanted to lose some weight before a skiing holiday deadline. He lost nine pounds in 7 days, by following some juicing diet. I have to say what he poured out of the flasks he bought in every day looked anything but appetising, but he stuck with it and it paid off. Good luck with your wedding x.
try googling 'British heart foundation diet'. Haven't looked at it myself but i've heard it does the trick over a short period of time.
Hi Aleidda

Don't venture too far for two days, perhaps the weekend, and eat nothing but seedless grapes.

Trust me, it works....
Google Cabbage soup diet

Train everyday for 60mins at 70% your aerobic capacity for 7 days and you could lose fat. You would need to burn approx 7000 calories in those 7 days to lose 2lbs of pure fat. Thats 1000 calories a session which might take longer than 60 mins depending on you fitness level.

You may lose more weight through muscle and water loss.

Ideally you want to keep muscle for a more toned look and reduce body fat for definition

my post from other thread

When you say weight loss I assume you mean Fat loss because you dont really want to lose muscle.

Fat loss can be achieved via diet changes (Note I didnt say diet as a diet is a temp change and leads to gaining more weight than you started with) or a combination of diet changes and excerise.

I advocate the latter as working out has many benefits than just diet changes alone. doing weight training increases lean muscle mass meaning you burn more calories and aids in fat loss

Drink water.

To lose weight be careful of potatoes. Although they are carbs they are different to carbs like pasta or rice they are processed by the body very quickly (and can lead to insulin spikes meaning fat storage. Insulin is the gateway to fat. So stay away from cakes sweets and sugars.

REMEMBER: You can get fat from eating healthy foods. Its really comes down to the following rule

Your body must use more energy than its get from the foods you consume. Even the healthy ones

Eat smaller meals ideally 6 small meals a day to keep you metabolism high. Drink lots of water and excercise at 70% of your aerobic capacity for 30-60mins 3 times a week.

Losing fat is a long term process. Fat increases over weeks and months and likewise when losing it it comes of slowly. Forget all the magazines that say quick easy weight loss because even
i ate cereal for breakfast and lunch and a healthy dinner and lost 3 pounds in a week. on top of that a little excercise could help
Colonic irrigation could make the dress fit better.
I recently got married and had the same fear and I booked in for a Universal Contour Wrap at my local salon the day before. It's not the most relaxing of procedures but it certainly worked.. My dress was strapless and I was worried about the 'back fat' hanging over and it reduced it quite a lot. If you get a good salon, they will concentrate on the area you need. And they say it's permanent as long as you stick to healthy eating and lots of water!

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