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tamirra | 15:10 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Health & Fitness
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Does anyone know what i need to give my body a boost, i feel constantly tired, from the min i wake up to the time i go to bed, im only 42 and feel like 72. Any advice appreciated. Thankyou


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I use a company called Healthspan, they have a very good reputation and if you go to they explain what are the best vitiamins to take for a large variety of problems and those who just want to be a bit healthier.
you dont suffer from low blood sugar or from anemia do you? if you try these vitimans and they dont seem to work then i would maybe go and see the doctor. feeling tired all the time (if it is anemia) can be sorted with a course of iron tablets. i wouldnt take them before seeing someone though as if you take them and dont need them they can make you feel worse.
Try eatting good food as well avoiding the fryed or junk as this can make you feel very sluggish.
You should take a multi vitamin with iron in case you are missing something like this, as a lack of iron will make you anaemic and very tired.

Otherwise try ginseng. Korean ginseng works immediately and for a short period of time, while siberian ginseng takes longer to work but lasts longer.

Also i would suggest visiting your dr to have your thyroid and iron levels checked out
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im not sure if i am anemic or not, i dont eat any red meat at all and havent done for years, i dont have periods due to an early hysterectomy (25) so i dont lose blood that way, maybe i ought to get a test done, but i do eat veg. It wouldnt hurt me though would it to try vitamins would it? xx
You get iron from dark green veg such as brocolli, cabbage and spinach so you could up your intake that way too.

Baked beans are also a good source
no the vitimans wouldnt hurt, but i would maybe get a blood test done anyway to check if you are anemic.
It would just save you buying them all to find out that you only needed a course of something inperticular.
xx xx
The first thing i recommend is that you do a detox, followed by a parasitic cleanse. This should help your body get rid of the toxins that are possibly making you feel lousy. I then recommend you take a good quality bioavailable multi vitamin after you detox program. If you are iron deficient the best iron supplement is called Ferrochel. It has a 75% absorption rate, whereas other iron supplement only have a 10% absorption rate.
There is a supplement called Ribose, it begins the metabolic process for the production of ATP. Basically clinical tests say that it increases your energy levels by 44%.
I hope this is helpful

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