Should I Go ?

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derekpara | 17:21 Thu 06th Jan 2022 | Health & Fitness
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I am due to attend an important 2 hour annaul meeting in three weeks time involving around 30 people in a medium sized hall. This is to be followed by a meal with another 30 people added.

I am late 80s and classified as 'Extremely Vulnerable' with underlying conditions ( Rectal cancer and Atrial Fibfilation). Apart from that I'm fine ! My wife has long-term M.E plus Bronchiectasis and a heart condition. She will not be attending this function.

We are both fully jabbed and boosted and take LFT's twice weekly.
My worry is catching Covid and passing it on to my wife, bearing in mind her breathing problems.

Should I go or not ?

Cheers. D


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Is it worth the risk
You've made the right choice Derek.
Good decision; you won’t be the only one to stay away this year with the prevalence of this variant. Stay safe.
It's a good decision and the right decision - because you made it, derek. And that's what we should all be permitted to do without fear of criticism.
Good choice derek, no meeting is that important that you need to feel that both your lives should be at risk. Good call.....
Question Author
Many thanks once more. I feel a lot better now.

Happy New Year D
In your shoes I would not go near meeting or meal. Not worth the risk to you both.
Is it worth the risk?
// they did not know how long they had left to live and were not going to spend what remaining time they had confined to barracks. //

agreed - but passing it onto someone - I wd stop and think
based on my opinion, you must not go there. health is number one, why dont you doing yoga kids mat with your family in the home.

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Should I Go ?

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